What Every Homeowner Can Do To Save The Environment Through Electricity

Posted on Dec 29, 2016 by Mark

Are you someone who is concerned about the environment but find yourself feeling helpless at what you can do to save it? It is true that mere campaigning and sloganeering is not enough to save the environment. You have to take concrete steps to ensure that the environment is healthy and safe for future generations. It might seem like an uphill task and even overwhelming at times if you think you need to make grand gestures to do this. But this is not true. You can save the environment through slow and steady steps taken on a daily basis every day in the comfort of your home! All you have to do is keep an eye on how you use electricity day in and day out. Save electricity and you can save the environment too in the long run!

What is the connection between electricity and the environment?

You must be wondering what is the connection between electricity and the environment? The connection is simple. Today, the major amount of electricity in the country is still being generated through non-renewable energy sources, such as oil, gas, coal, etc. Until we can fully convert the generation of electricity from these sources to renewable sources of energy, like solar power, wind power, etc., a lot of fuel from non-renewable sources is needed for the generation of electricity. This use of fossil fuels for the generation of electricity leads to rapidly depleting resources, which has an impact on the carbon emissions, leading to depletion of the ozone layer, leading to global warming. It also has an impact on the economy as the dependence on fossil fuels lead to greater costs for these fuels. All of these problems can be handled and managed if everyone takes care to use electricity wisely and smartly.

Saving how much electricity we consume can also help bring down pollution by reducing the emissions that power plants emit. This goes for both air pollution and water pollution due to the emissions from power plants that generate electricity.

As dependence on fossil fuels for electricity generation reduces, there will be greater protection of the habitat of animals and their eco-systems, leading to a healthier world for all.

Advantages for yourself of saving electricity

You don’t have to think that only the environment is saved by saving electricity. You can prevent a hole from being burnt in your pocket too by saving electricity! The money saved from your energy/utility bills can be better utilized for other things as well.

Simple steps to take to save electricity today


-A good amount of electricity can be saved by judicious use of it in the kitchen. For example, heating food on the electric stove costs you at least 40% more electricity than reheating it the microwave oven. Also, using the smaller burners consumes less energy than the bigger ones.


-Most people leave their computers on all the time, even when they are not in use. By just remembering to shut down computers before you leave the home or go to sleep at night can save a lot of electricity.


-Charging cellphones is another area that people often overlook. Most people keep their cellphones plugged in long after it is fully charged. Taking care of this can bring down your electricity bills.


-Your washing machine is another place you can save electricity. Hot water washes consume a lot of electricity, so consider using cold water in its place. There is no need to fret about your clothes getting clean as all you have to do is get a good detergent to make up for the hot water effect.


-Your thermostat is another place you need to look into to save electricity. Increase the temperature in summer and lower it in winter to save a good amount of electricity.


-Getting reliable electrical contractors Melbourne to check into the insulation in your home is also a good place to start saving electricity as cracks or gaps in this can lead to a lot of heat being lost, leading to increased energy bills in winter and summer due to increased use of heaters or air conditioners. This can be prevented by redoing or repairing your insulation to make sure it is in good shape. This is best done by professional electricians Melbourne.


-Buying energy efficient appliances will also go a long way in reducing electricity usage.

The journey to saving electricity can start right away with these simple and easy to remember tips!


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