Packaging boxes

Posted on Jan 03, 2017 by hina

The main advantage of are: , the device structure is simple, easy to form a production line. In the , concave, printing equipment in the three major machine is the most simple structure. Therefore, the price of printing machine is relatively low, printing equipment investment.

At the same time, because the equipment is simple, easy to use, easy maintenance. At present, the vast majority of machines, with such as soup, polishing, cutting, slitting, die cutting, indentation, drilling, and other processing line, the formation of production lines. Greatly improving labor productivity. wide range of applications and substrates.

can Printed boxes almost all of the printed materials and the use of all substrates. Especially in the packaging and printing of corrugated printing in this unique. extensive use of water-based ink. , gravure, three printing methods, only the is currently widely used water-based ink. Non-toxic and pollution-free, for the protection of the environment, especially for packaging and printing. the lower the cost. low cost in foreign countries have formed a broad consensus.

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