Surprise Her With Cooking Class Gift Vouchers For Her Birthday

Posted on Jan 12, 2017 by Chef Ha

Are you in a dilemma about the kind of birthday gift to give to your loved one? Whether she’s your mother, wife, girlfriend, cousin, or just a friend, it can be confusing choosing the right birthday gifts for her.

What to look for in birthday gifts for her

When you’re looking for a birthday gift, there are a few things that almost everyone wishes to have. These are that the gift should be:

  • Aligned to the person’s interests and passions

  • Is unique and distinctive

  • Is memorable and something they will cherish for a long time

  • Is useful while being special

Choosing a gift that ticks all these boxes could be a challenge. Buying a product that is just that-a product- no matter how expensive it may be (such as clothes or jewelry) may be something that is used just once or twice and then it is relegated to the backburner. It may not be something that will stand out in their memory when there are so many other gifts that they get from their friends and family. So what you would want to ideally gift her would be a fabulous experience that is something she will cherish and bring joy to her for a long time to come. What could this be?

The benefits of gifting cooking class gift vouchers

Most people nowadays enjoy cooking. Though traditionally this was a job that fell upon women, today there are as many men as women in the kitchen. However, most women still naturally have a love for cooking. Cooking is also a life skill that can be put to good use throughout life.

Knowing how to cook has several benefits, such as helping to maintain good health as it is a well-known fact that home-cooked food is better on a regular basis than eating out. Having food cooked at home is also a great way to share your love with your family and friends. Knowing how to cook different, exotic cuisines at your next party is also a great way to impress your loved ones! Cooking different exotic dishes can also liven up your daily menu, so that you don’t have to eat the same cuisine every day!

For foodies who love to eat out, this can get pretty expensive after a while. A simple solution would be to learn how to cook the specific cuisines that you love so much and making them at home. So you can enjoy your favorite cuisine, no matter what it may be-Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese, or Chinese. All you have to do is go to a cooking class where these cuisines are professionally taught and you are good to go!

Cooking class gift vouchers for a gift with a difference

When you gift these as a birthday gift to the special woman in your life, you are gifting her an incredible and fun experience that also gives her the power to create almost any dish that she wishes from that particular cuisine that the class is focused on. For example, you can gift her cooking class gift vouchers for making different kinds of dumplings, if you know she loves these and always goes for dumplings first when you take her out to a restaurant. Or if she loves Vietnamese cuisine, then gift her a Vietnamese cooking class gift voucher.

Today, there are so many different classes of cuisine available in Australia, from Vietnamese to Japanese, Indonesian to Thai, that you are sure to get just what your loved one will want for her birthday gift. Cherish the smile on her face when she sees what you got her!  


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