Wish number 33 - Visit Mark’s Feed once before I die

Posted on Jan 16, 2017 by Mark's

Hi all,

I am diehard foodie and dessert lover. Well, you must be thinking what’s new in being foodie?

My bucket list is different from others. Generally, everyone’s bucket list is full of adventures and things they wish to do, but on my list, you will see list of restaurants and hotels and outlets that I want to visit. Be it spicy food item or sweet or non-vegetarian, I want to taste everything. I have prepared list of what I want to eat and where. Some of my wishes include: 

  • Tiramisu

  • Fugu

  • Kobe beef

  • Mastuke Mushroom

  • Almas cavier

  • Chicken burger

  • Barbeque

  • Shahi – Paneer

  • Shorba 

I just cut off one a few days back. I went to the best BBQ Restaurants of Louisville – Mark’s Feed. I went there with my family for lunch and we tried Bar-B-Q sandwich and we ended up ordering one chicken finger, salad, baked apple and honey wings.

They have different many for different time period. Their offers and packages are different in the lunch and dinner.

For lunch they have: 

  • Appetizers

  • Burgoo and Bar-B-Q

  • Meals 

  • Chicken and Fish

  • Rib Diners

  • Dinner entrée

  • Salads, desserts, and beverages 

For lunch they have: 

  • Chicken fingers

  • Baby back ribs

  • Sliders

  • Lite meals

  • Veggie platter

  • Honey wings

  • Side items

For picnic they have: 

  • Family pack

  • Picnic for 5

  • Picnic for 25

  • Picnic for 50

  • Ribs and chicken picnic

  • Bar-B-Q by pound

  • Mark’s honey wing 

For Kids they have: 

  • $3.19 Menu Items

  • $3.79 Menu Items

  • 1.09 Kid's Drink 

I also ended up ordering their one of the best service - BBQ Catering in Louisville, KY. They have 2 options in catering.

1. Blue Jeans Catering – $6.50 pER person

2. Boots & Bowtie Catering - $7.50 PER person

I was very happy with their service and food. They prepared everything fresh in their kitchen and server brings food at perfect time. Their beverages and desserts are cheery on the top. We got to eat something different – buttermilk pie. I have written that on my bucket list and I’ll make sure I’ll taste that once again. I recommend Mark’s Feed for lunch, dinner, picnic and I would surely recommend its catering service. Trust me its mouth watering. Take it from a foodie.

With lots of yummy food,

A die-hard food lover

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