Shobert Vartan

Posted on Dec 28, 2013 by Shobert

Ask Shobert Vartan what he does, and you won’t get the answer you expect. He won’t tell you that he works at one of Los Angeles’ top law firms as a sought-after real estate expert. He won’t tell you about his inspiring tale - the one that begins in poverty in post-Revolution Iran and finds him now sitting high above the city, balancing finance and justice in a constantly ascending career arc. He won’t even tell you about the successful results of all that hard work. He’ll just look at you, without hubris or contrivance, and tell you that he changes lives. Ostensibly, it might seem like false humility. But spend some time with him, and you’ll see that what he cares about most is his ability to inspire, not whether he gets any credit for it. And until now, the lives he was able to influence were limited to those that passed through his. But that wasn’t enough for Shobert. Even with a schedule that barely gives him a moment to breathe, he wanted to do more. And so, Abode was born. To pass on the blessings that he is so grateful for. To show people the power they have - not only to change their lives, but to change the lives of others.

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    Amit:Shobert Vartan Very good Lawyer