Tour of Taste in Melbourne - Melbourne on Palate

Posted on Jan 23, 2017 by Chef Ha

A great way to experience and understanding a new place is to capture the place by its flavor. While travelling to a new place its food flavors offers you an experience which could last as a cherished memory. Photographs taken during tours and trips can refresh your memory only when you take a look at them but food is one such aspect which might take you to down the memory lane and no wonders could water your mouth.

Food tours are not restricted to just savoring the cuisine but you can also get a hand on experience on cooking as well. These tours offer a wide variety which includes market tour, cooking classes and also a peek in the history of your tour destination in terms of its culinary culture.

Melbourne, the coastal capital of the Southern Australian state of Victoria, offers walking tours which is combined with great food experience.  Many tour operators are operating that will take you through the urban maze and familiarize you with best wine, cheese, cured meats and breads in Melbourne.

A lip smacking ride of world class desserts

Melbourne food tour would not be completed without a mouthwatering chocolate tour. A great and apt place for a chocoholic.  Melbourne food tours take their visitors to learn right from the production of chocolate bean to the packing of chocolate. These dessert shops are in abundance in the Melbourne city and its suburbs. In a journey of 2-3 hours you will find yourself enclosed with deserts. Not just chocolates, cupcakes, tarts, caramels, Melbourne is also hub to many ice cream parlors and gelato shops. Many of these shops are exclusive in selling their own styled ice creams.

Tour for festive occasions

Every year is full of events, occasions, and there are reasons to celebrate those occasions.  You can get on a celebration tour to celebrate those special moments, special occasions which could leave a lasting impact. Many walking street in Melbourne is crowded with restaurants, bars and café to choose from. With plenty of offers, it would be a challenging task to decide where to have lip smacking breakfast and where to rest for wonderful dinner.

Ingredients at its freshest

In most of the city food tours, the chef introduces you to the ingredients which you have never tried or tasted. The products are taken directly from the farms to the local markets.  You get a chance to feel the freshness of the products. This tour is meant for the people who are planning to start a healthy and fit routine and that of course start with pure and fresh produce. You may also discover some aromatic fresh herbs and get to know their amazing usage.

Melbourne is termed as a culinary hotspot as the city is hub to over 140 different food culture. The tour offers you the thrill of walking through Melbourne bustling laneways. Myriad of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants are ready to be explored.  The food tour in Melbourne is not just walking across food corners but one can also try his/her hands on cooking we well.  Right from picking up the fresh ingredients you will be guided to the kitchen till the time you come out with a mouth savoring dish.

Victoria Street food in Melbourne is the hub of some of the premium Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese restaurants. The Melbourne food tour also takes you to the culture of Asian countries like Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese cuisines. Lygon Stis a great place offering best Italian cuisines and termed as Italian restaurant capital of Australia.

These food tours are gradually picking the nerve and many tour operators are now including food tours as their tour packages. These tours are great way to travel from different farms many of which are set in a rural locale. These tours also help in understating the culture of the place in terms of its taste.


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