2 Valid Reasons Why School Uniform Must Remain Compulsory Code for Students

Posted on Feb 01, 2017 by site

School is a temple of knowledge, wherein all of us learn chapters of life from history, literature to geography. Every chapter reserves to its own valuable tradition and so does school withhold an education providing prestige. It’s a temple to many prayers and practitioners who may like changes but value is what will offer its blessings to all. 

Now, let’s come to the most raised topic of the 19th century. People say school uniforms hamper individual growth of a child.  I don’t know to what extent this statement goes correct. We understand that building one’s personality and experimenting new clothing styles creates new fashion welcomes innovation but school is not a fashion studio. You may learn diverse chapters here; participate in functions, dress up and attend parleys but regular school uniform precisely maintains consistency and balance among subject.  

Here are some clear reasons why school uniform is a must:

Uniforms look classy:

Uniforms in real sense help expand individual growth. Wearing the same color every day to school can be little boring but if you’re really innovative, show it.  Carry yourself in your own personality given to the same dress code yet staying being different from others. Add charm to your overall personality; make a difference in your choice of items, from hair bands, clips, socks to mufflers and accessories. Uniforms are designed finesse seams and accurate dressing style; offer perfection and personal feel so that you’re comfortable wearing it. Sometimes your clothes may make you uncomfortable because other colleagues don’t like that particular attire of yours; this may distract you from important choruses and subjects of your interests. Uniform code keeps such things away when it’s all about school and learning everything.

Curbs differences:

Another good thing about schools having particular school uniform code is that a uniform doesn’t define anyone’s religion, caste, background or economic status. Uniforms bring uniformity and here’s where individuals meet another individual without loading illogical tags of differences.  It helps pupils to make friends & not business partners. Also, uniforms are cost effective in nature. For average parents, uniforms help them save bucks. Uniform curbs difference of things irrelevant to schools.  “Hey… Mila, you wore same dress this Wednesday, get some new colors girl!!”  Pupils are never behind giving free remarks on each other on the same hand students coming from a mediocre family hates disclosing their family finances and conditions. So, uniforms have a lot to hold with emotions of many and keeping them strong.

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