The Life Support Is Arriving With A Colourful Siren

Posted on Mar 15, 2017 by Ghassan M.

Transportation has opened the roads of communication in the world.There has been various use of transportation in various sectors. One of the most significant and primary use of transportation can be considered as the medical and health transport. There are several options available in the medical transport category such as ambulance, ambulance bus and emergency responders. There are various ambulance manufacturers who convert normal vehicles like vans, SUV’s, and sedans into medical transport units by increasing space, adding add-on’s, adding medical equipments and various other works. These ambulance manufacturers also design various equipments to support driving for the physically disabled person.

There are several car conversion services that can be availed from the Dubai ambulance manufacturers such as:

·         Ambulance type I – The typical cab chassis ambulance used all over the world is considered as the ambulance I and carries all support to adjust one patient at a time in it. Extra compartments for more medical and rescue equipments can be designed by the engineers in a perfect way to support space for all the essentials.

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·         Ambulance type II – This ambulance is the most common and the most popularly used all over the world. With a good fuel economy, streamlined design to overcome traffic crowd and cost-effective prices makes this the most suitable ambulance.

·         Ambulance type III – Mostly vans and big SUV’s are required to produce this type of ambulance and it has a lot of interior space which can accommodate more than one patients.  These types of ambulances are mostly used in airports, chemical plants, oil refineries and for advance life support systems due to its flexible design.

·         Ambulance bus – The ambulance bus is primarily designed for cases of mass casualty. These ambulances are designed from bus and are equipped with the most advance life supports and a large interior space for many injured.

There are variety additional products available from the ambulance manufacturers such as:

·         Special needs – The world has contributed its every bit to humanity, by helping the physically handicapped people. There are expert engineers who have innovated special features which can ease the driving for physically handicapped persons. The special needs include swivel seats, wheel chair lifts, hand control drive etc., and can be installed in vehicles for disabled people.

·         Ambulance parts – There are several parts which make the ambulance look significant on the road. Rear mirrors, sirens and ambulance lights can also be availed from the ambulance manufacturers.

·         Medical equipments – Various medical equipments such as central oxygen system with quick disconnects coupling and outlets, built in suction unit, main roll-in coat, folding stretcher, spinal board, head immobilizer, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, and first aid kit are available near the ambulance manufacturers.

The Dubai ambulance manufacturing services can be availed easily over online and one can consult their professional about every need and specification of the ambulance. Some extra additional features such as easy access power distribution panel, warning lights and hi/low halogen or fluorescent interior dome lights can also be added to the ambulance.Go for the engineers who can effectively design your ambulance.

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