3D Printing in Space– A Towering Success, Quite Literally!

Posted on Mar 20, 2017 by Stuart

3D Printing is the new-age, groundbreaking technology that has come up in the recent times and, is now gaining a towering popularity world-wide, all for its incredible smartness and utility. It is certainly ‘Technology with a difference’, as it can translate ideas and designs into real-time, physical objects, through three dimensional printing. A perfect combination of virtual reality and actual reality, 3D printing is now broadening its horizon and is reaching unprecedented heights.


The Unthinkable- Made Possible  

The beauty of 3D Printing is that in the present times it can be used to produce almost anything imaginable. Right from small objects such as, children’s toys, tools, wearables etc. to even human organs, which was utterly unthinkable before the arrival of this wonder-technology. Today, 3D printed objects are the answer to almost every need.

With all this going in full swing, who would have imagined that this marvelous technology would take a giant leap, right up to the space!

Having taken the Earth by storm already, this awe-inspiring technology has now expanded its wings way up high. Research and experiments by NASA in the recent times have proven that 3D printing is doable in space too. This simply means that objects can be manufactured through 3D printing in space just like it’s being done here on our planet. As dreamlike as it may sound, it has been scientifically proven to be true. It’s among the most-welcome news on this super-innovative technology that a 3D printer is capable of functioning just as normally in space too!

Consequently, the demand for 3D printing is surely set to soar in the coming years. And with Australia’s ever-evolving technological advancement, there is a great market for 3D printing here.


Solace in Space

The fact that 3D printing can also be used for manufacturing objects in space has added a new feather to the cap of printed technology. With 3D printing, space missions and operations are going to be transformed like never before.

Astronauts, while in space, will be able to build their tools and equipment on their own with the aid of this incredible technology. Long-term space missions will be facilitated in a novel way as well, as now the space researchers and astronauts will not have to carry all the tools of space use with themselves. They will be able to manufacture them right up there in space whenever there is a need. This cuts down immensely on their limitations and compulsions with transporting space-specific stuff with themselves.

Moreover, all this can be done without any health or life hazard. The regular 3D printing process has been tested for its effects and results, keeping in view the temperature and gravity conditions in space that are way different than that of the Earth. Interestingly, it has been concluded that the process can be carried out absolutely normally without any risks or hindrances. As for filaments to be employed in the process, ABS is believed to be better-suited for space-specific productions.

With this forward-looking aid, not only will the space researchers have the flexibility and freedom of building objects, tools and parts of their requirements, that too on demand, they will also be able to work more efficiently on their primary missions.

What’s also noteworthy is the fact that 3D printing can be done not only conveniently but also inexpensively even in space. A supremely-useful technology at a reasonable expenditure! This is set to attract a higher investment and encouragement for space researchers for their further space missions.

With so much innovation and utility to offer, this unique technique of manufacturing is going to open up newer and better horizons for space missions. With NASA looking at the bright prospects, it’s easy to foresee that 3D printing in space will further lead to greater success of space research and development.

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