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Posted on Mar 21, 2017 by Rezaur

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG car companies have different stores to modify their cars and add grandeur to their four – wheels. After buying a car people wants to decorate their vehicles. They decorate their vehicles with Led lights in the rear parts, custom wheels, steering covers, floor – mats, anti – fog lights, anti – fog agents, bead lock, car alarms, power seats, power door locks, canned tire inflators, curb feelers, power steering and other things. This accessory helps the car user to handle his vehicle smoothly and drive it in comfort. These accessories perform different functions for the vehicle.

            Anti- fog agents are some chemicals that reduce the condensation of water and moisture in engines and machine. Anti – fog light reduces the depth of mist and fog to help the driver of the motor to view the road clearer than common lights. During project Gemini, NASA has developed this anti – fog agents to help the drivers while driving a car in deep mist. This help in reducing the rate of accidents in cold weather and one can move in cold weather in time of emergency. Power steering system also helps the rider to control all the wheels equivalently. A new car user can drive a vehicle with the help of power steering process present in a car. A hydraulic cylinder is connected with servo system and the machines within a car, it helps the driver to handle the steering manually if the power steering fails accidentally.

            Now technology has progressed so much that a person can open all the doors of an automobile by clicking a switch from certain distance. This process is known as Power Door Lock system, which is present in all branded cars. Scripps – Booth has invented this technology in 1914, later it was re – introduced in the year 1956 by Packard. Ford Company has introduced external keypad to set lock option by the user from outside of a car. This feature increases the anti – theft facility of a four – wheeler. In 1913 Denver has made a car siren to alert an owner against theft. But a modernized technology has changed the function of this system. Now every car has car alarms to alert of theft by automatic playing of siren, horns when someone tries to open without an original key of the car.


            Another accessory of automobile is canned tire inflation. This is a solution which helps the driver when they find flat tires. The solutions seal the punctured tire and fill the tire with gas which helps the rider of the vehicle to run the car for short period at low speed. All these spare parts are designed for the car owners to serve them comfortable and secure ride to their destination. To replace these parts of a vehicle, consumer needs a genuine shop with huge stock of different goods and reasonable price. There are online shops in London and places around United Kingdom who supplies original products. It displays huge stocks of rare spare parts of different models of BMW cars. For more details please visit

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