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Posted on Mar 21, 2017 by Rezaur

BMW is not a car but a dream that was dreamt by some artists with an engineering thinking. Inception has worked like catalyst to give the shape and style to a BMW car. Dedication, Passion and imagination of an engineer have given the shape to iconic models of BMW. The ongoing heritage models of BMW cars are designed by the collaboration of automobile and innovative imagination of some crafty men. BMW car models are liked by people so they buy it for speed, looks and performance.

          In a keen analysis of BMW model named BMW132, we would see that it was aided with nine – cylinder engine. This nine – cylinder model of BMW was initially designed by Pratt – Whitney and was used in BMW Hornet. BMW132 is a modernized version of Hornet engines which was manufactured by BMW engines. Likewise the model named “ New Class ” is a series of Sedan of BMW car company. Sedan is a car which can accommodate more than four people. Sedan is a passenger car with three box configuration with A, B, C compartment for Engine, Passenger, and Cargo. The passenger section of a sedan has two parts and the rear section has comfortable room for family and friends. The cargo compartment is included in the ‘ C ’ section of a Sedan which is an old pattern for most of the cars found in the market. Sedan is mainly used for family and friends to travel and transport. Sedan are mainly of two types : Two – box compartment or Three – box compartment. It has two pattern of doors : two or four doors. A Sedan car has different models according to its classifications such as; Notchback sedans, Club sedans, Fastback sedans, Hardtop sedans, Hatchback sedans, Chauffeured sedans, and others.

          BMW has revolutionized the Sedan models and have created the “ New Class ” with Four – cylinder M10 engine. It also has fully independent suspension. It also has Mac Pherson Struts in front. There are others features in “ New Class ” models of BMW. Such as Front disc brakes and sporty specifications to make a normal Sedan into a Sporty Sedan. This revolution in engines , looks and specification of a model of car can only be possible by BMW car company . It is the hard work of the company and its workers that each and every model of cars of BMW are unique and stronger than the past models.


          To maintain the legacy of BMW and its service towards its car buyers and users, some genuine persons collaborated with the BMW spare parts section and has accumulated each and every kinds of spare parts available in market to repair this precious luxury car in large amount. So, the car lovers and the buyers of BMW cars please visit the sites of spare parts seller of BMW online and place your need in the respective sections and get it delivered to the place of your wish and enjoy your ride. For more details please visit

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