How will your breasts feel after a breast enlargement?

Posted on Mar 28, 2017 by Cosmetic Surgery

Although breast enlargement is one of the most common cosmetic procedures carried out across the UK, many patients are unsure what to expect after the surgery. In particular, they aren’t prepared for how the breasts may feel post-enlargement.

If you’re thinking of having a breast enlargement, or you’re due to have one soon, it’s worth being aware of the sensations you may feel after the procedure.

Common feelings experienced after a breast enlargement

While it may seem like a fairly straightforward, simple procedure, breast enlargement is a large surgery which can cause numerous unpleasant and surprising side effects. The most common feelings reported by breast augmentation patients include:


Many patients are surprised just how painful a breast enlargement can be. The pain is usually only felt for a short period of time and it can be managed with pain medication. However, some patients may experience significant pain; it largely depends upon your individual pain tolerance and where the implants were inserted.

Generally speaking, if the implants are inserted over the muscles rather than under them, you’ll most likely experience pressure rather than pain.

Bruising and swelling

Bruising and swelling is very common, though the extent will vary between patients. The breasts will also likely feel tender to the touch for a while.


Perhaps the most surprising feeling patients can experience is backache; particularly if the implants have been inserted sub muscularly. This occurs because the chest muscles aren’t used as much when the body is recovering, meaning the back and the abdominal muscles are forced to work harder.


Numbness is common, particularly if the nipple has been altered during the procedure. It largely occurs due to trauma of the muscles during surgery. The numbness is usually temporary, but it could also be a sign that something went wrong during the procedure so it’s important to keep an eye on how long the numbness lasts.


It’s not unusual for the incision sites to become itchy while they heal. However, it’s very important to resist scratching them as that could cause bacteria to enter the incision site and cause an infection.

Overall, these are just some of the sensations you could feel after a breast enlargement. Keep in mind that each patient is different and the recovery process does vary significantly in terms of symptom severity. Your consultant will be able to give you a good idea of what to expect after the procedure. For more information, please contact us.

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