The Great Debate: Buying a 3D Printer vs Opting for 3D Printing Services!

Posted on Mar 29, 2017 by Stuart

Since the technology has advanced, a very useful thing has been invented and launched in the market. The 3D printer makes your digital designs into solid objects with the help of the printer. It accurately reads the dimensions of the designs and delivers the exact same product which was created on the computer. Not only does it provide designers with the leisure of seeing their designs in person, they can also make small changes to the designs and improve on it after physically examining it. The 3D printer is very cost efficient for organizations that have a number of designers working for them in any industry.

To buy a 3D printer can be an expensive affair, since the printer is high in technology and costs a lot more money than regular printers. However, firms and organizations which deliver creative products should buy them for their designers in order to get an accurate testing prototype of the product before launching them. 3D printers can be bought in Australia with a lot of ease as they are available in most of the leading stationery and technology stores. In Melbourne, you can even buy a 3D printer online if the store is not within your reach. If you or your firm do not own a 3D printer, there are services in Australia which provide you with the solid printing of your design for a certain amount of money and you can get your designs printed by them. There are many points to be noted while deciding to buy a 3D printer or outsource your 3D printing needs to a 3D printing service. The points are as follows:


The cost of buying a 3D printer will be higher if you do not need to print 3D objects that often. In such a case, it is better to outsource the printing to a 3D printing service and be more economical


Use of Printer

If there are many in house designers in a company and testing of the prototype of such designers would make the product more successful in the market, then the company should buy 3D printers which can be used by their designers in order to see their designs in a solid form. Outsourcing 3D printing would cost much more than buying a printer in the long run.



If you do wish to buy a 3D printer, you have to account for the cost of maintenance of the printer and the re-fuelling of the ink, whereas, if you outsource your printing needs, you do not have to cater to such costs.


Skill Set

If you do choose to invest in a 3D printer, it is important to train the designer on how to use the printer so that they do not spoil the printer. They need to learn the skills required to run the printer, whereas, if you outsource your 3D printing, no such learning of the skills is required.


Testing of Prototypes

If you need to constantly print the designs in order to test the prototype of the product and if by doing so the product would improve drastically before entering the market, then buying a 3D printer would be the best decision as outsourcing the printing every time would cost a lot of money.


Final Thoughts:

To buy a 3D printer, one much do a thorough research on the cost, effectiveness, ease of use, accuracy, and much more and then decide the type of printer which will best suit their needs. The 3D printers are also available in different sizes and you should choose the best ones for your requirements.


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