Use of 3D Printing Technology in Dental Industry

Posted on Apr 14, 2017 by Stuart

In a world where technology has taken a tremendous leap and advantage in every field, you would always look forward to what will it develop in the coming years. Today’s generation only wants to work with the latest technology and gadgets as they help them save time and make them learn new ways of doing the same old things. Even the youngest of the kids know how to work complicated technologies and they all want to be well-equipped by gadgets which support these technologies. The world of 3D printing is taking over the dentist industry by a storm and is looking to accommodate and reduce the work of doctors by providing easier solutions.

Current Applications of 3D Printing in Dental Industry

3D printing in the dental industry has helped the doctors in many ways. They are able to make modules on the spot to examine their own designs and make changes quickly. It is becoming easier for them to show their patients the amount of work that would be required for their dental hygiene. In Melbourne, doctors have been using 3D printing to teach their students on a more practical basis by using 3D printed models. This is helping the students to understand the practice and procedures better and faster. The doctors have used it to make the models for the following practices:

- Bridges and crown models

- Braces and retainers

- Night guards

- Orthodontic appliances

- Surgical drill guides, and much more

3D printing helps to develop the digital files in solid objects so that their designers can get an up-close and personal look which would help them in developing their work in a better fashion. There are many companies in Melbourne that offer 3D printing services as they have all the latest technology and have professionals who are fluent in using this kind of a printer. Therefore, the dentists in this area are able to take the advantage of 3D printing and are using them to create models which are more accurate and are helping them save time and effort.  


Use of 3D Printers by Dentists

Since a 3D printer lets you carry out your printing needs to convert a design to a solid form, the have helped many dentists as many of them are purchasing them to keep it in their offices. There are many companies in Melbourne which has the technology to carry out 3D prints at a reasonable cost for their clients and provide them with the best quality of prints. This has also helped the dentists in many ways. They are able to create very accurate designs and models to replicate their old models and make them better. It has helped them to be consistent in their practices and make their patients understand the problem in a better manner. It has also helped them reduce labour cost and time as the 3D printer has made their work faster and cheaper. They are also able to carry out more research and development in the dental industry and come up with better and faster ways for surgery or for solving day to day dental problems. It allows the dentists to ponder upon the innovation which is possible in their fields and make changes in the design which can be printed many times before they decide on the final model.

In the dental industry, the 3D printing technology has helped the doctors in developing the mould and models faster and with efficiency. Earlier, it used to take them a long time to make the models and implants, but now, with the help of 3D printing, they can have their designers printed in the solid form in no time.


This market is quite niche in the dental industry and will take time to make its way. Some dentists who are already using this technology find that their work has been reduced drastically and they are able to achieve accurate moulds using the 3D printing and designing them on the computer.


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