Advantages Of Ion Plasma Nitriding For Long Lasting Metallic Objects

Posted on May 30, 2017 by Mr.

Every manufacturing industry face problems to make their product long lasting. Longevity of products not only make them excellent outputs but also a factor for maintaining faith and confidence among the customers for the product itself.

In fact, it is being quite a demanding fact to make a product durable. However, any sort of protection can make an object last longer.

Nitriding is a familiar word in the metallic industry. With advancement of technology and evolution of procedure, science has strike chords to find out a perfect way to make the metallic object prolonged existence. And ion plasma nitriding is one such technique every small-big company dealing with metallic object rely on.

It is an excellent method to protect the metallic objects. Basically, it works on the theory of forming an outer covering all around the object, this blocks the contact of the metal body from the outer environment.

Additionally, the process of nitriding are carried out as various types like gas nitriding, salt bath nitriding and plasma nitriding, among which plasma nitriding is widely adapted due to various advantages over the others.

Technically, ion plasma nitriding in the United States is an elaborated industrial procedure that involves diffused nitrogen, which is also referred as glow-discharge nitriding. The entire reactivity depends on the gas ionized state of the nitriding media.

In this method, when the gas is subjected to intense electric field, ionized molecules of the gas get accumulated on the surface of the nitriding object. The active gas with ionized molecules produced during this technique is called as plasma, which is why this technique is called as ion plasma nitriding. Generally, pure nitrogen is used as gas.

The commercial plasma nitriding can be performed at wide range of temperature unlike the other nitriding methods, which is the reason for minimum distortion rate. Particularly, the method isused on low-carbon, low-alloy steels. However, it can be incorporated for medium and high carbon steels like titanium, aluminum, and molybdenum.

Consequently, it has a long list of advantages including high mechanical endurance,less roughness of the surface, reduced co-efficient rate of friction, no change in dimensions, non-corrosive and non-weariness. Additionally, every nitrided object does not require anypost-processing and are ready for market.

You would find many legalized and certified companies coming up with nitriding solutions, with their various range of nitride products. These metallic objects are subjected to nitridingin a specialized furnace of the highly equipped laboratory under the supervision of highly skilled professionals. The entire system is automated and controlled through computerized system, so any kind of alteration can be done accordingly.

Simultaneously, safeguards and alarms are installed so as to minimize the liabilities. Thus, a proper provision is taken to fulfill the international parameters of the metallic objects. There is an extensive range of metallic objects that are nitrided like die casting molds, crank shafts, sintered parts,gears and valve parts etc.

Henceforth, for your long lasting business and customer satisfaction, your metallic objects should have long life, which can be done efficiently by ion plasma nitriding.

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