How to Boost Productivity Through Effective Office Fitout Design

Posted on Jun 19, 2017 by Loretta

Can a fresh office fitout increase workplace motivation and productivity? In a word, the answer would be an absolute yes. This factor is often neglected when considering which workplace place should be considered to help boost employee motivation and productivity at your office. 

Let’s refer to a WPI Analytics study by Gensler, which indicated that physical environment significantly contributes in determining an employee’s ability to focus. This means a positive change can boost productivity in the workplace by 20 per cent. Hence, optimising that physical environment for employee productivity can more than help increases your bottomline.

But first, let’s zero in on the key benefits of good office design:

Employee Morale – By providing your employee with various working areas, as well as naptime or downtime spaces to relax or interact with coworkers, you are helping boost the morale of your personnel. Investing for a workplace that is conducive to employees’ well-being can have a huge impact on their productivity levels.

Improved Bottom line – There is a strong correlation between business performance and employee output, that when employees perform well, the recipient of this is the company’s bottom line. Today, having a successful business as it is is no longer enough. Supporting employees through investing in office design can create a more inspired and motivated workforce. In the end, it is the overall business performance that will benefit out of the positive investments in the physical environment of your company headquarters.

Corporate Brand and Culture – With an investment for the positive physical workplace environment, you and your employees can benefit from enhanced business brand and core values. When your workplace design generates word-of-mouth marketing and coverage from the media, such help in boosting confidence among your employees. This visually appealing feature of your office can in turn also become an inviting feature in the eyes of your clients and business partners. More importantly, this investment in a well-designed workplace reinforces company uniqueness. 

These three benefits are among the main considerations why having a unique and effective workplace design help in boosting motivation and productivity. Now, the next question is how to create one. Here are some ways you can achieve your desired office design:


Just as a bland office can never be an inspiring place to work, the same goes for offices that have “too much design” or where colours and patterns are warring with each other. Just ask any employee what a poorly designed office workspaces do to them and how such adversely affect their performance.

What a poor workplace design does then instead of enhancing productivity is a distraction. It is just too hard to focus and stay productive when daily you enter an office that sports excessive colours, patterns, and even items. 

Aspire for simple and a clean look and simple design for your office. This is so much better than a cluttered space. Who says an office that is simply cannot be both stylish and classy? Of course, given the right amount of investment and a professional designer, this is achievable.

Layout Design

Open space design has become a trend in recent years until some observers and who experienced working in an open office setup raised the alarm. Especially when working in a medium to large-scale enterprises, where different departments occupy a building, it pays to address the challenge of helping employees stay focused and undistracted while working. 

Dividing up office space to allow each department or unit has an area for their team or group helps. When your employees with similar goals, projects being completed and tasks are working together in the same environment, the result is increased productivity. Some offices have put dividers or created whole new rooms for this very specific reason. 

But if budget is still unreachable at the moment, an alternative way of ensuring a good workplace layout is the improvement of the flow of your office with departments, rooms and even pantry laid out in the most logical and efficient way possible. What you can achieve with these simple tweaks can spell million-dollar return on investment because you eased off your employees’ frustrations as well as improve the function of the entire office. 

Reduce Noise

When the open layout office design was the in thing, at first nobody complained about how much noise weighed down on the productivity of employees due to distractions and too much noise coming from all fronts. Alas, when you have so many employees working in a space at once, noise is bound to happen. 

Noise can be one of the main causes of stress among employees because it saps energy quickly, thereby causing a dizzying amount of distracted workforce. Until some employees sound the alarm and the trendy open space workplace layout fizzled down. Well, this is a good thing and now, as companies realize the importance of a sound office fit out design and not an open office plan, there is now a focus on ensuring that simple partitions and wall dividers are in place.

Sound absorption wall panels are now being considered as well so that sound cannot be heard between rooms and offices. Moreover, simple partitions while helping reduce sound levels ensure good acoustics for minimal effort.

Buy User-Centred Office Furniture

When buying office chairs, it is not only the cost that should be a major consideration but also how well it can do wonders for your employees’ posture. Ergonomically designed chairs can provide the best comfort for seating option for those working in front of a desktop computer monitor all day. 

On the other hand, poorly designed chairs can cause harm to your back, especially if you are required to sit in the chair for extended periods of time. Those considered ideal chairs should have adjustable seat height, reasonable width, and depth for comfortable support and lower back support.

Be mindful of the comfort of your employees when choosing which furniture to purchase and install in your office fitout. When employees are comfortably seated at your office desk, there is a high rate of chance that they will stay focused and productive. 

In sum, designing your workplace for office productivity can be quite costly and also daunting. The whole process involves a lot of thought and consideration in order to get the best of the best for your business. Getting a support and seeking guidance from an expert design and build a company with qualified designers, can be helpful to assist you throughout the entire process of redesigning your workplace setup and office fitout.


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