Read to know about the positive ways in which 3D printing is affecting our lives

Posted on Jun 30, 2017 by Stuart

3D printing has taken over the world by storm and has brought great technological advances in our lives. It is such a win-win situation for everyone, especially designers, as they can see their designs come to real life on the spot rather than waiting out the whole manufacturing process. This lets them examine their designs more closely and make changes to their products as required and only then send it in for mass production. You can customize almost all the items using 3D printing and get wonderful products and designs from it for yourself.

There are many companies that offer 3D printing service and you can choose the one that you feel comfortable working with. These companies are more popular in Melbourne where they have state of the art technology and services for 3D printing. Since the 3D printer service has gained popularity, you can find it affecting many people living in Australia as the crowd there has resorted to these services and enriched their lives in a better fashion. They have learnt to take advantage of the 3D printing service and the designers are very content with their final products as they are getting to work on the prototypes right away. There are many ways in which the 3D printing is benefiting the people living in Melbourne and Australia, such as follows:

  • Good Designs

You can create better designs with 3D printing as it lets you work on the prototypes quickly and easily so that you can perfect the final version of your designs. This would result in people making good designs and benefiting the society as a whole.


  • Speedy production

You can manufacture any object using 3D printing within hours and do not have to waste time in deciding on which prototype would be the final product. The traditional process of manufacturing would take a long time and is slowly dying out because of 3D printing.


  • Cost Efficiency

You can save on a lot of raw material and prototype manufacturing cost, at least by tenfold. You can choose the products that you want to work it and manufacture only that prototype using 3D printing in order to better your results.


  • New Shapes and Patterns

You can innovate into a lot of shapes and patterns using 3D printing as it can make any product that you have designed and benefit the society as a whole. You can make complex or unique shaped figures as well as the possibilities are endless with 3D printing.  


  • Less wastage

The waste is reduced to a minimum using 3D printing as compared to conventional manufacturing methods as it uses additive technique and does not cause a lot of wastage in the environment.


  • Increase in Jobs

3D printing would create a lot of job opportunities as the companies would need more engineers and designers who can work with the 3D printer and get faster results without causing a lot of wastage. This will benefit the society largely.


  • Contribution to Medical Industry

Doctors can benefit largely with 3D printing as they can create prototypes of organs and many such matter and use it to analyze the conditions further. It can also be used by teachers to teach medical students on a live 3D printed prototype.


There are many such benefits that the 3D printing has brought to the society, especially in Melbourne and Australia, and the people in the society are largely benefiting from the advantages of it. It is a process that is still picking up in the society and is becoming popular over time.


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