Turn to metal roofing in order to make your house energy efficient

Posted on Jun 30, 2017 by Jim

When you construct a new house or renovate an old one, it is important to pay attention to the roofing of the house as that would play a major role in controlling the temperature of the house. There are many options that are available when it comes to choosing the roof of the house as there are many materials and colors to choose from. You should do a thorough research about all the materials and decide on the one that would best suit your house and the weather requirements of the area that you live in. You should make sure that the roof would be energy efficient, such as metal roofs, so that you can save on your electric bills and not harm the environment in the process.

If you are going in for roof restoration, then you should choose metal roofs as they would be ideal for the weather in Melbourne and prove to be energy efficient during summers as well as winter. Since the weather conditions can be extreme in this region, it is wise to opt for a metal roof in order to keep your house cool in summers and warm in winters. Even if your plan for roof repairs, you can always use the metal material which will help you in saving energy and cost, especially if you are living in Melbourne as it is prone to harsh weather conditions.

There are many pros and cons to getting metal roofing, in terms of energy efficiency, such as follows:


  • Longer durability

A metal roof can last as long as the life of the house and you would not have to get it repaired or changed time and again.

  • Weight

Metal roofs are more lightweight compared to tiles or any other kind of material and hence are easy to handle.

  • Ease of installation

Metal roofs have a simple process of installation and do not take time as there are metal sheets that are installed at the roof. You can also save on the cost of installation and labor as it takes fewer days to install

  • Heat conduction

Metal roofs reflect radiant heat from the sun and are good conductors of heat, making you save the air conditioned bills by keeping the house cooler in summers, especially during the day.

  • Fire resistant

Metal roofs are non-combustible in nature and hence are resistant to fire, keeping your house more safe and secure.


  • Noise

Metal roofs can be a bit of a distraction during rainy and snow season as the noise of the droplets against the metal could annoy the people living inside the house.

  • Cost

The initial cost of installation of metal roofs is higher and would cost as much as a premium roofing material.

  • Denting

If large hailstones fall on the metal roofs, they could leave dents in the roof and this is one of the major drawbacks of metal roofing.

  • Repairs

Since the metal roofs are installed in large sheets, it would be difficult to repair or replace them as it is not on tiling basis.


While choosing metal roofs, you should keep all the pros and cons in mind in order to make an informed decision. Another important point is to choose the color of the metal roof. A light color roof would be more efficient in reflecting the sun’s rays than a darker colored roof and hence would help you save energy and make your house more efficient. White metal is supposed to be the best color for metal roofing.


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