5 Best Careers in Engineering

Posted on Jul 12, 2017 by Rajitha Goli

Engineers are saddled with the same stereotype as computer programmers. They are regarded as boring and dull, and yet these boring and dull engineers are responsible for some of the most exciting developments in the world today. To pursue a career in Engineering or to choose Engineering as a career is not an easy task. It is rather the most preferable career choice for the students of science stream. There are basically two major factors on which an individual’s Engineering career depends:

·       Money

·       Interest

The study of engineering costs big bucks to invest, mostly all the college fees is high as hell.

Interest is one of the important factor which is necessary to pursue with this field.

We have listed 5 best careers in engineering which you can choose to:

Petroleum Engineering: An individual who wishes to go to this branch of engineering, there is a lot of money waiting for them. With the increment in demand for crude oil and natural gas, the field is expanding more. Petroleum engineers are known to be one of the highest paid engineers not just in India but across the globe.

Electrical Engineering: This branch of engineering is one of the most demanding one, as it deals with the use and application of electricity and electronics. An individual who wants to pursue with this branch of engineering will always find it fruitful.

Computer Engineering: IT industry is growing worldwide as fast as the plant of bamboo. The Majority of the students wishes to go for the computer engineering as they find themselves comfortable with the environment of IT and there is also a lot of scope both in India and abroad.

 Chemical Engineering: It is a risky yet exciting field because in this field, an Individual need to find new mixtures and elements that are sustainable in nature. The salary of the Chemical Engineer clearly depends on the experience they have worked in the field.

Aerospace Engineering: In this Branch of Engineering, an Individual needs to research and deal with the development of spacecrafts and aircraft. There is a great scope in Aerospace Engineering, as these engineers are known to be one of the highly paid people in the world of engineering.


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