Read to know the difference between 3D Printing and Rapid Prototype to choose the best one for your needs!

Posted on Jul 14, 2017 by Stuart

3D printing has taken the world by a storm. It has simplified the worries of a designer and made them more close to their designs using this advanced technology so that they can instantly see their designs in reality. 3D printing has made the world of product advance by offering their great technology to the designers and lending them the biggest helping hand which they were desiring. There are many 3D printing service that offer high quality prints to their clients are more popular and in demand than the rest. You can fine many of them in Melbourne, where the 3D printing market is picking up by the day and helping their designers achieve their dreams more easily.

Rapid Prototyping- Some Facts

Rapid Prototype is a form of computer aided design which helps in creating scale models of the product that are designed by the designers and helps to scale the whole or a part of that product. It mainly uses the CAD software for scaling the designs. It provides the designers with a fair idea of what their model would look like in reality and this helps to design and scale their designs in 3D form on the computer. The manufacturing is done by the 3D printer service and you can find many of them in Australia as it an upcoming and booming market for 3D printing.

Difference between Rapid Prototype and 3D Printing

3D printing and Rapid Prototype are quite different from another as they have different functions and uses. You can find both the forms of printing in Melbourne as the city has the best technology in the machines used by each of the type. You need to know the differences between the two in order to make an informed decisions and choose the one that is best for your needs. The differences between 3D printing and Rapid Prototype are as follows:

  • Level of Printing

2D Printing is done at a consumer level and is more accessible to the designers and the consumers whereas Rapid Prototype is done at an industrial level and models scaled from that are usually not sold in the market but are used as prototypes.

  • Cost

The cost of 3D printing is lesser when compared to Rapid Prototype as it uses smaller models while manufacturing and the big ones in the prototype.

  • Compact

A 3D Printer is small and compact whereas a Rapid Prototype uses bigger machines which are not so portable and occupies larger space.

  • Ease of use

It is easier to use a 3D printer as it does not have too many commands and variations when compared to a Rapid Prototype which is bigger and harder to use as it is used for industrial purpose as well, which makes it more complicated.

  • Accuracy

The accuracy of a 3D printer is lesser when compare to a Rapid Prototype as a Rapid Prototype is used for aviation industry and more such accurate industries where the precision is the most important matter.

  • Choice in materials

There are lesser choice in materials so far in 3D printing but this could soon pick up as the technology progresses more, however, Rapid Prototypes deals with more materials as it is used in various industries for creating different prototypes.


3D Printing and Rapid Prototypes have their major differences and you should choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. Both are created for different purposes and you should understand the working of each before printing a prototype of your design and seeing it come to a real 3D form.


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