Posted on Jul 15, 2017 by Rajitha Goli

Do you have an aptitude for fashion? Do you like to decorate or design your room? If so, this interior design course is for you. Rather, Interior designing is one of the most loved professions across the world.  In India, the real estate market is taking a huge leap. The standard of living has increased and with the new mindset of the young generation, the field of interior designing has become quite popular. Anybody who wishes to be a reputed interior designer should have a creative bend of mind. However, there are certain aspects which an ambitious interior designer should know apart from owning a degree from the top institute for interior designing:

Interior Decoration and Interior Design aren’t the Same things

An individual might be very good at decorating homes, whether it’s for choosing wall colours, textures, or placing the home decor items. However, this doesn’t mean that you can be a good interior designer. Interior decoration is just a small branch of interior designing and both are absolutely different from each other.

More demand of Interior Designers in India

In India, there is not only a great career scope for interior designers, but the country is also suffering from lack of good interior designers. We have a number of reputed interior designing colleges or schools, but most of the students after completing their course moves to the abroad in search for jobs. But researchers have noted that the country is growing at a fast pace and till 2018, the interior designing industry is said to be growing at a rate of 20%. So, if you are thinking about taking up a degree in interior designing in India, you are probably on the right track.


An individual may also opt for specializations in Interior designing. They aren’t always meant to design the interiors of a residential property. Other commercial projects like shopping malls, cafe and restaurants, art galleries and hotels also need good interior designers.


Very Rewarding Career Prospect


If we talk about the early days, the individuals in such field of interior designing were paid less. However, the future career in interior designing For an entry-level interior designer in India, the average per annum pay can be approximate 4 lakh. But, if you stick to your career and have patience, you might end up earning as much as 20-30 lakh per annum as an established interior designer in the country.

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