Using Pinterest For Your Business Development

Posted on Aug 20, 2017 by Net

Is Pinterest part of your marketing strategy? Have you ignored Pinterest because you think that your brand isn’t fit? Here in this article you will see how Pinterest is a great place to start your business and capture new followers and interest.

Why Pinterest?
Visual marketing is very important and it is no wonder brands see huge potential in Pinterest. It is a very important social media site where photos are centre stage and sharing is second nature to the public. Pinterest was launched in March 2010 and has 70 million users among which 50,000 users have business accounts. Some brands are taking complete initiative to adopt Pinterest as a marketing tool to drive targeted engagement.

How does it work?
To pin pictures to your board you can add pin in button to your browsers tool bar and then drag this onto any pictures you want to features on your board or use the Pinterest button some websites features. You can also follow members on Pinterest and re-pin their posts on boards but you never go wrong, that is one small principal with Pinterest.

How to use Pinterest for your business?
Pinterest promotion for your business Help in a number of ways.

• If you sell products you can pin pictures of the products and then lure others to share these pins. You can also add a link to your websites and these pins will attract the followers to visit your site, thus increasing your traffic. Pinterest is very much relevant for driving traffic to your site.

• Every time you pin a post to one of your boards it will include a link to the original source, meaning if your pins are re-pinned often you will achieve lots of lovely links. But never get swayed away because these links are no follow so will have any effect in terms of SEO. But these links are still valuable though as they allow the targeted customers to visit your pages and see your products.
Some tips for promoting your business through Pinterest

• If you sell products then the pictures of the products with the help of an app such as instagram will makes your pictures look unique and interesting. This will allow re-pinned the pictures more often which will increase your products and ultimately companies visibility.

• If you want to sell services rather than products you can still promote your business on Pinterest and buy real Pinterest followers. I you have a team that offers services you can add pictures of this. Get creative with a camera around your office and you will soon have boards filled with pictures.

• Some info graphics on the Pinterest board will make your brand more and more popular

• You can add videos to Pinterest as videos attract people more.

• A link to the Pinterest board will increase traffic and could generate potential leads. Add the link to the page the picture was featured on if this is possible.
Pinterest is rapidly growing and becoming popular every moment. So jump on board now and create your account to see the benefits it can bring to your business.

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