Arvind Kejriwal – A Politician with wrong fundamental

Posted on Jan 02, 2014 by Amit

Arvind Kejriwal – A Politician with wrong fundamental

I have been watching news and reading paper since last 4 months all about Arvind Kejriwal. As per me and my personal point of view i am writing this Article (I am not supporting Congress or BJP) nobody paid me LOL. I have found him a very Smart Politician who is playing with Common people emotions. People in india are not educated (Talking about Majority of people).
What Arivind Kerjriwal was trying to do with Delhi election is to get as much attention from Media to do campaign for Lok Shabha Election and he is using Government fund as election Campaign (i.e. by providing fake/senseless facility to public) This he is doing just to prove that he is doing what he promised. Actually he promised to remove corruption from Government which he dint touched at all.
Arvind Kerjriwal a True and Smart Politician playing with Indian Public. Let’s take an example of Electricity bill reduced to 50%. Below I am trying to explain my point of view on this.
Arivind gave 50% off (Is good) But wrong in my way. Why its wrong below is points what I noticed.

Industrial Unit steals Electricity it’s a loss of 10-20% every day to Electricity board

Small Town in India/Delhi don’t pay bill I have seen this with my eyes my town people also don’t pay electricity bill Loss of 20-30 % Electricity every day

Corruption on Government level Big Lose can’t give accurate figure on this.

Technology wise we need to get advance on these we can reduce cost of electricity production cost.


Above are basic points if we take strict action on those we can save money to 50-60% and then give subsidy to people of India. What Arvind did is he gave additional burden to Indian people. As finally this will be taken from Indian Common man by way of Tax or any other facility.
What Arvind or any political leader should do is collect tax 100% from all over current collection of tax is somewhere around 20-30% maybe I could be wrong but as I know tax is not collected 100%. If we just collect tax properly India can get lots of money on their hand and that money can be used to provide lower rate facility to Indian people.
As per my view point Arvind Kerjriwal want to be prime minister India and for that he is using Government fund as his party election fund. I would rather say if he is true and honest should take action on main focus point rather than wasting money like this.
By doing above 2 points only Government of India can provide 60% rate cut on electricity and free water supply for life long. But he dint touched any of corruption matter he just focused on Lok Shabha Election 2014 as he want to be prime minister of India and using Indian Public Emotions.
I would say if you are honest come out and fight with corruption don’t play politics and please don’t play with Indian emotions.

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    Kashyap:Hi Amit, I agree to your article. To be clear, BSES has a reach upto 60 per cent of Delhi. Rest 40 per cent does not have official electric connections. Are they living without electricity? An official connections is supposed to reach to every citizen to delhi. That means poor electricity infrastructure, and so is poor income or electricity loss of BSES. Who is bearing its burden? The one who has official electricity connection pays more per unit. Arvind Kejriwal emphasis more on cost cutting of rate per unit. But my question is what about the poor infrastructure. If every citizen of Delhi does not pay for what they use, then ofcourse, BSES will run in losses. See, Mr Arvind cannot blame every losses are because of corruption, but yes he should more emphasis on curbing corruption rather than promising general public of delhi of providing them electricity at half rates per unit. Regarding supply of water, I have heard since few years, that there has been risk of flooding of Yamuna, every monsoon. Yamuna's water rise double then its level during monsoon, then where is this water flooded after monsoon? Can't they build check-dams to store the water? Cant Mr Arvind promise the public of a stronger and promising infrastructure, which can solve ever rising problems of Delhiates? Think! Above all, I support your argues with the fundamentals Mr Arvind has shown. He is an IITian student. Bring more intellectual promises rather than those hypnotising promises, Mr Arvind.
    Gus:I totally agree with this. There should be transparency and fight against corruption that is the root of all this.