Why You Require Clear Understanding of Divorce Procedure in Singapore

Posted on Aug 31, 2017 by Jason

Marriages are the best part of any individual’s life, but due to some situations and reasons, couples decide to separate and live their life independently. 

Marriages are the best part of any individual’s life, but due to some situations and reasons, couples decide to separate and live their life independently. Today with the rise of expectation and aspirations out of marriage, philosophy of “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours” has emerged that is ultimately leading to marriage termination in Singapore. This is the reason that people need to have proper and complete knowledge of the divorce procedure in Singapore. Each country has its own law and Singapore has people from every corner of the globe. This is the reason for the high demand of the lawyers who are qualified and understand the international law for divorce.

If you are filing for the divorce, you need to understand two types of things like either grant divorce or refuse it and secondly, one has to decide on the factors like custody of the child, maintenance, division of property and other valuable items. The entire divorce procedure in Singapore is based on these two major factors that play a vital role in the final verdict of the court. For being eligible for marriage termination, one has to be the permanent resident of Singapore and people from other countries should live here for 3 years before filing for the marriage termination application.

Adding to the procedure, you must not be married under the Muslim marriage Act and should not be a Muslim. There are certain exceptions that you can best understand when you take the help of international lawyers. Ground for divorce is very important that applicant should understand. Some of them include defendant accused of adulterous relationships, the defendant’s irrational behaviour and other situations where it is hard to carry on the married life. There is a set procedure that has to be followed to file for separation. For this, proper documentation and application are required.

As this is the complex part of the divorce, you need to hire international divorce lawyer who understand laws of various countries. Without their support, there is quiet possibility that you will move in circles without any positive result. With this, it is clear that divorce proceedings in Singapore need special attention from professionals who understand the law. There has to be a careful planning and documents that can bring decision in your favour at the time of court hearing. Thus, it is always a best decision to hire a lawyer and understand entire divorce procedure.

About Author: Jason is a law student. He currently writes on topics related to international lawyers and other legal issues and advice.

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