Buy best quality LDPE BAGS for pharma packaging.!

Posted on Sep 23, 2017 by Rajesh

LDPE bags are the most demanding laminated material used for the packaging products in the pharmaceutical industry. The delivery of the medicines and drugs to the customers is the challenging task for the healthcare products manufacturers. To sustain the efficiency, quality and performance of the products, Pharma grade LDPE bags are the best solution to eliminate the risk of leakage, moisture effects as well as to the safe delivery of the products. These bags are made with low density polyethylene grades which are helpful in controlling the conditions that offer high quality, consistent and pure products to the consumers. They are moisture free, DMF free, odorless and not toxic bags.

  1. ·  Remove moisture, humidity and toxins

  2. ·  Excellent mechanical properties

  3. ·  Improved shelf life

  4. ·  Temperature resistance             

  5. ·  Tensile, seal and burst strength

  6. ·   Available in variety of sizes


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