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Posted on Sep 23, 2017 by Rajesh
About LDPE Bags For API Packaging:-

LDPE bags are the most suitable and cost-effective solution to protect the products from the outside conditions. Such type of highly effective bags is commonly used in food and pharmaceutical industries where the products need to be protected from moisture, humidity, mold and mildew. These bags are best for storing and transporting the API in the powdered, beads or any other form without any harmful effects of external environmental conditions. It is very important to maintain the effectiveness and quality of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) to produce high quality tablets, capsules and other drugs which they are part of.
Pharma grade bags are used for API packaging that ensure to keep these ingredients safe from any spoilage or damage when stored for long time or when transported from one location to another. The changing environment can affect the API products, so these bags act as the protecting walls to uphold the properties and Excellency of the packaging products. These bags are made with the chemical free materials that do not react with the packaged item as well as do not bring any adverse effect on the main end product. LDPE bags for API packaging bring wonderful results in the healthcare industry by giving best possible packaging solution at the competitive prices.
These bags come in various sizes and microns. They can be manufactured to meet the individual needs. The quality material used for API packaging not only enhances the efficiency of the end product, but also keeps them away from any kind of chemical or biological hazards when delivering the final pharmaceutical drugs to the patients.

Benefits of LDPE Bags for API Packaging:
Improve process efficiency
Eliminate potential powder exposure
Enhance shelf life
Contain antistatic properties
No chance of content reaction
Improve tear resistance

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