How can you avoid losing your revenue due to your CPT Codes?

Posted on Sep 29, 2017 by Coding

Several new technologies are coming up in the recent years which are a caution sign for physician and other medical experts. It takes a lot of efforts to adopt and manage these advanced coding for which you can take assistance of CPT Coding Essentials available at CPT codes are updated every year according to the changes in medical and surgical procedures. A code get finalized only when a reasonable number of specialist have adopted and used it without any inconvenience, also the peer reviewed literature is supporting its value. 

Physicians may lose revenue if these codes are not approved for the product or procedure but this lose can be avoided if they pay attention to the below mentioned points:

Be aware- A coding expert must be well aware of the unlisted codes used in the marketing. There are many CPT or HCPCS codes are not specified but are still used in submitting claims for the procedures. The vendor must very carefully examine the codes before submission otherwise you may not be eligible for the claim or it may be rejected. 

Go through CPT Descriptions- A prudent expert will always go through the current procedural code set in order to make sure that the codes are described properly to avoid later regrets. Any surgeon must determine what the payer will be charged and how much will be reimbursed, before approving a new procedure. 

Contract Review- Accurate Medical billing is dependent upon payer contract language and vendor information. If a contract consist of disclaimer, it is not liable for coding errors. Physician must ask for supporting information from the AMA or specialty association. is an online platform that provides you a complete solution for all these concerns. Buy your CPT Coding Essentials and avail an attractive offer.


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