Upcoming New Affordable Housing Project In Ghaziabad

Posted on Oct 06, 2017 by LandCraft

Out of plenty of upcoming new affordable housing project in Ghaziabad available in the pipeline, LandCraft MetroHomes is the one which has already started attracting a wide number of potential home buyers due to offering luxurious style at nominal prices.

With the city getting saturated due to oversized population and lack of space, many of the MNC’s have started to move out of New Delhi. But, unlike other dyeing cities, here the story is a bit different. The MNC’s are actually moving out to the outskirts that are now covered under NCR.

Among other places, many new projects of affordable housing in Ghaziabad are also coming up fast. They include both residential and office plots. With the infrastructure also developing fast in this smart city, there is a big upsurge in the real estate property here.

LandCraft MetroHomes is one of the highly appreciated projects launched recently under the UP government’s housing scheme. The projects have varieties of flats and apartments to suit everyone’s pockets that no other project can show in this region. They are proud to offer all in one solution under the same roof for buying low cost housing flats In Ghaziabad, covering from bank loans to registration and interior decor customization.You can surf through the site – landcraftmetrohomes to pick and choose any prime location that suits you. You are also suggested to have a look at the interior and exterior designs and space along with the dimensions of the posh bungalows that they are offering.

A look at LandCraft’s MetroHomes will make it clear why we insist you to surf their website before talking to us! You can easily notice the aluminum glazed windows with powder coating, along with the vitrified tiles on floor, plastic paint and designer Plaster of Paris on the walls. The anti-skid ceramic tiles on the floor in the balconies of flats in Muradnagar make sure that the children don’t meet an accident out there! The designer ceramic walls of the kitchen make sure that they are without any stain, while the looks are also soothing and satisfying. All the doors being made out of hardwood panels and frames make sure that there is lack of proper security to the house!

The locations of these flats in Ghaziabad and Meerut road are a plus point. The LandCraft’s MetroHomes is the flagship project, spreading acres of land and giving the city a glitter to its appearance! The location advantage fits even the dwellers, most of whom are MNC head honchos hopping cities every day.You can also note that besides the advantage of a posh location, what matters more is the inside facilities that are available. The extended swimming pools and gymnasiums available.


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