A Girl Child

Posted on Jan 07, 2014 by Kashyap

Thoughts turn to words……


Like a ray piercing clouds, and kissing earth - like a child born from her mother’s womb. All the years till girl child become self-reliant, parents care utmost. Of a Maternity, mother shares her love, education, values of life and numerous cushions of living a healthy life. She become friend of her lovely daughter, she teaches her every step right from feeding her, to living with physical changes in her teenage, serving her morals of education and lifestyle during her adulthood, and of living a happy married life. Mother stands to her daughter for every difficulty if personal or social.



A Father has a proud feeling of being parent of a daughter. He sheds his love, efforts just to be a perfect friend and a father to his daughter. He replenishes his daughter’s life with efforts to make her perfect human model in the society. A dream and expectance develops as she grows to maturity. A father expects her little daughter to be tough, smart and competing to the daily challenges of the world.


A Daughter in return accomplishes her Parent’s life, sharing love and thoughts with them. Daughter remains concerned for her parents life time, and plays a role model of a boy child in every aspect, and every ritual, till death.


Respect a girl child, and consider yourself to be fortunate to have an avatar of Lakmi in your womb.



Respect every role model of a girl, a women in your family and society.



Stop! Raping girls, Stop burning them for dowry, Insulting them as being considered weak in society. No more it is. Nor it was. We shall then change our perception as our world evolves around them and because of them.


This is message to spread for the one who witness cases like Nirbhaya. Who act polictically in such cases to save the culprits. Awake, those monsters are somewhere within us, within our society, and who knows who would be the next victim, maybe some of our dearer ones. Before it does, clean the society of such Rakshas, and turn into a fearless society.


Let us not kill the girl child in her mother's womb. Let her be free in our beautiful world to breathe thickker Air. Let her blossom our family, because every man needs a sister to share his childhood, a wife to share his beautiful life, a mother to love him, and a daughter to be proud of.


Let us take all the girl child in our society to schools, make them literate, and make them feel proud to be a part of this world.


Like this Article of mine if you support me and my thoughts. Let us make an Agenda to work hand in hand, bringing awarness among the society and illiterate people. Let us! We can do it.

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    Amit:Hi Kashyap, We should have strict Law for this as currently all over India this is a big problem. We need to come up with some sort of strong Punishment which may decrease this type of Criminal Act. There are always Good and Bad points on Law. But lets be positive and try build a Strong Law against this. I hope some party in future will surely have courage to come up with such Law. We will try things on our way also. Great Article man keep it up. Lets try to do what we can and try to spread awareness to as many people. We can do it and we will do it.