How to install AVG Anti-Virus on a PC or device

Posted on Oct 23, 2017 by Lucy

The installing of AVG Antivirus is considered to be very ideal form of activity by the concerned person. no other form of security tool or software is capable to safeguard your data and other relevant information inside the computer system. one needs to make sure that maximum form of activity is carried out, just to make sure relevant form of activity is carried out in the most beneficial manner. Once the conversation is conducted through AVG Support Number @ +44-808-101-2159 (Toll-Free) in UK then following steps is supposed to be followed in a particular manner: -


• The user need to first of open the email sent to you after making purchase of the same.


• Then just Click on the link provided to you by the relevant people.


• Then Right Click on the downloaded form of set-up file and make right selection of clicking on Run as Administrator from the relevant menu.


• In the User Account Control Dialog, user is supposed to Click Yes, this way AVG is able to make necessary form of alterations inside the PC. • then user is supposed to Click on Continue, when the AVG welcome screen appears.


• Now the user is supposed to send the license number which is being sent to you from the purchase confirmation email and then Click on Activate.


• In this stage, user is just supposed to Click on Restart now for making sure installation of AVG Antivirus does take place in the right way.


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