Bell Moore Group Inc. Review: Going Alone without a Tenant Broker?

Posted on Dec 05, 2017 by Emilly

Having a tenant broker on your side is essential in finding the best commercial space suited to your needs and at the right price. Still, some business owners don’t fully understand that tenant representation is vital to help them get the best leasing deal possible.

Bellmoore Group Inc review few issues that may arise if you decided to find space on your own:

1. Time committed in finding

Finding available leasing spaces in desired areas will take time, as well as negotiating with the landlords and setting appointments for viewing the property. If you are planning to handle this on your own, make sure to allot more time than you might predict in finding available spaces that meet your requirements.

2. You can’t get to see every lease property available

Oftentimes, there are some available property spaces that are never marketed to the public and only tenant brokers know about these new and upcoming vacancies. Tenant representation brokers generally have their own resources and internal tools to find lease properties that aren’t being openly promoted in the market. If you don’t have a tenant broker to help you, you might miss out lease properties perfect for your business venture.

3. Complexities of negotiating

Leasing commercial spaces is nothing like renting an apartment, there are many factors that might require negotiation. Landlords might gain the upper hand when negotiating if you don’t have a tenant broker who knows the real estate market and looking after your interests. Without the requisite knowledge and experience in negotiating, you can’t guarantee that you are receiving a fair deal out of it.

Bell Moore Group Inc. has been representing the needs of many local and national occupants through effective tenant representation for more than 25 years. The firm provides a valuable service to tenants by understanding their specific needs and evaluating the most strategic property that can help them reach their business goals and maximize their potential income generation. More specifically, we conduct analysis and assessments of opportunities and potential risks involved in each client’s use of their intended property lease or acquisition.

We work to meet your demands, in order that you get the best deal and the most suitable location that best represents your interest only, without compromise.

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