What should I say Indian Politics Bad or Good

Posted on Jan 21, 2014 by Amit

Here come with my 2nd article on Indian Politics weather it’s good or Bad.

Based on some research I have come to some conclusion on Indian Politics where it’s heading.

Well people in India have been very emotional on Politician statement. I have recently see what AAP minister has told about Kashmir issue which was totally wrong statement made by AAP Member. They are not so experienced that they make statement on National Issue (Security Issue) they actually don’t understand International or national Politics but still they are commenting on this issue which is bad politics. AAP is trying to be on Media with each of their move which is absolutely wrong. What I would say do what responsibility you have been given by Delhi Public that needs to be addressed by them (AAP). Prove them self on what they are been selected for don’t try to make things more complicated.


What is required by All Party Congress, BJP or AAP, Focus on making India non Corrupted rather than making things more complicated in international or national politics?

What I suggest are as below things to be done.

Make Centralize Tax collection (such that Bank should collect Tax) Tax should be collected from all sector even small business owners to large scale business.

Electricity Corruption should be removed 100% and every one bill should be collected stop giving free electricity to small town because of Vote bank. Don’t get feared about doing this. You will get vote if you show progress.

Make Law harder for Criminals (Crime rate is increasing day by day) AAP never talked about this issue at all, One more bad politics by AAP & Arvind.

Government body should be made transparent each process should be transparent weather its Recruitment or contract submission

Stop giving Anamat to people now in India all community is equal and everyone has been on good position. This is killing us. We should have equal rights for all community. (AAP never touched this and will never touch this as they need vote nor Congress or BJP also took action on this issue)


Above are few points what I have found should be improve our politics and system to good which is currently on a bad phase.


Let me give you one very good recent example of Bad politics by AAP.

One of AAP member had filed a case that she is been attacked but actually that was a Ball hit by a small boy while playing cricket and AAP member made it news and told Police that she is been attacked. Trying to take sympathy of people which shows how bad our politics has become. I would suggest her to work for common people rather than working for her political carrier.


Above statement is my personal opinion and I am writing this article on my free time. I am not involved in any of political party or any personal benefit.


I hope you people like my article and everyone is welcome to write their comment on this.

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