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Posted on Oct 09, 2015 by Brotsky

We are quickly moving to the new era of modern enhancements, resolutions and devices in the field of website development and design.  Almost every client wants their website as responsive that work on any device, this approach is really very necessary nowadays, because people are not only using a PC or Desktops they are using many advanced enhancements for Internet therefore it is necessary to have responsive website that can fit on any screen resolution.

Responsive design is an approach from where you can make your website responsive that can work on any device. Responsive web design is an approach to formulating your website to provide an optimal viewing and better interaction experience and better environment based on screen size, platform and orientation —easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.


To make website responsive you need to know these technical feature of Website Responsive:

1)      Media Queries

2)      A flexible Grid Layout

3)      Dynamic resizing of images and media.


Those days are gone when people are developing their website only for desktops, Nowadays website development is so compatible with different development languages, that everyone wants responsive and reliable website that works on every platforms.   To learn how to make any website responsive you first have to learn website development languages like HTML and CSS. You have to learn how to setup your style sheets for different screen resolutions, how to customize each and every page.


If you are working on any CMS like WordPress and you are using your own theme to make website, than there also you have to make your theme responsive so that it fits in every module. Whether you are professional web developer or a beginner creating responsive website is difficult at first, mostly because of the module requirement, but gradually you will get the grip to make out that, with little bit of CSS magic you will get your responsive website. 

To check out any website responsive or not, you can do it by pressing CTRL + Shift + M, you can also do it by moving the browser, slowly make the browser thinner and wider, you will see the website layout changes as you move your browser, it will change the menu bar and other control according to screen size.    



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