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Posted on Oct 14, 2015 by prachi


We all love this country where marriage is more than just an event. In India, marriage is the joining of two hearts, souls along with two families forever. We know that marriage happens in heaven and we wanted to guide everyone to the perfect heaven. It is the dream of every Indian parent to find the best partner for their child and we aim at that happiest moment. The spark for the evolution of Sthanakvasi jain Matrimony  was born when thinking of a way to find the best matches for everyone so easily. We knew that it will not be an easy task but we were determined to design India’s largest and the most efficient matrimonial site for everyone. We wanted to cover every corner of the country and make the richest database to make the matches the best.


There are numerous fake profile which are made for enjoyment and this all greatly hampers the performances of online matrimonial sites, it is obvious that matrimonial website with large number of fake profile will be losing its applicants. So it totally depends upon the company to check that all the profiles are authentic and real.



digambar jain matrimony  was born after long researches and discussions about the brides and grooms of the land. Moreover Sthanakvasi jain Matrimony  also wanted to be a matrimonial site were the parents also can find the partner for their kid. In short Sthanakvasi jain Matrimony  will be the only matrimonial site were the bridegrooms as well as the parents can navigate over the millions of profiles. We are opening our best for the future and it is our dream that we made the destination where two hearts meet.


We take this opportunity in extending you a hearty invitation to utilize the services of our matrimonial bureau, a unique one leading to the pathway to find a perfect life partner.
The selection stage before the marriage is very important. Just a small mistake at the time of selection spoils the future of married life. Elimination of the complications of the choice leads to a firm foundation of married life. At this stage our matrimonial center jain wedding plays a very important role.


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