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Posted on Oct 14, 2015 by prachi

'Marriages are made in Heaven’ this popular phrase can be modified into as ‘Marriages are made Online’. Sounds unbelievable to you, in this online age, when tickets are booked and houses are brought online, why not marriages? Matrimonial Websites are the new age matchmaker. And in India, where marriages were fixed by parents, relatives or the temple priest, the new concept of online matchmaking is gaining fast reputation.


The Indian Matrimonial websites has replaced the ‘traditional matchmaker’. Attractive features and proven reliability of these sites is making these sites popular among the diverse population. Even Indians with a conservative mindset started believing in these online websites.


We do not arrange a marriage. But we help in that very first step – finding the life partner. Don’t wait for him or her to find you. Every day gone is a missed chance to meet that someone special. Time is crucial. So register and submit your free matrimonial here and we hope to put a special smile on your face forever. is different than other matrimonial websites. We believe in simplicity and yet smartness.


Our registration and matrimonial submission forms are simple and easy to use.You can upload your photo without any cost. You can search all other Matrimonials and see all the details of the members without registration or login to the site.


Once you have registered you can save any other members as your favourite in your account. This helps you keep a list of possible life partners you may want to get in touch with. We also show you the members who have saved your matrimonial in their favourite list. These may be the people who like your details. You can contact other members either directly through their emails addresses mentioned in their matrimonial or send them private messages through the “Private message” feature on our website.


Besides the above features, We are gaining popularity among the Indians, as they are safe and secure. The website companies keep the profile confidential and respect the user’s privacy.

Jain Marriage Bureau have a huge database of prospective grooms and brides. Profiles in the websites are added after checking. In addition, the profiles can be hidden if the person is not interested in an open search. Another good point of  our website is that they are free. Memberships for our website cost nothing. Interested persons can add their profiles by just filling a simple membership form providing the necessary details like name, age, background etc.


We have premium services for our users, for which they charge a decent amount. It depends on the users to avail these services. There are other features, which makes our website user friendly. Like it has send match alerts to prospective grooms and brides through email and short messaging services. Websites also send promotional mails informing about the latest services they are offering.

We are very popular not just among the prospective brides and grooms but parents also like it. Our online portal site have all the detailed information along with personal phone numbers. Parents can also add profile of their son or daughter on behalf of them.


Our website are surely the right thing happen to the great Indian market of wedding. So if you are interested in finding your life partner, just Visit the Jain Matrimony for more detailed information

and join today to submit your own matrimonial details or see other Matrimonials.

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