Agarwal Matrimonials A New Platform for Matchmaking

Posted on Oct 15, 2015 by shikha

The concept of matrimonial sites is wildly popular now as more than half of the marriageable youth are using these sites as a tool to finding their partner for matrimony.

However, even ten years back this was not the scenario as people used traditional means like marriage brokers, personal contacts, family recommendations, etc., to look for brides and grooms. Arranged marriages are seen as the chosen method of selecting a life partner in India. According to statistical studies, till even two decades earlier, more than 80% of marriages in India were arranged. The process of arranged marriage can be defined as a matrimonial service that is promoted by the elders in the family through the use of extensive social and family networks. Sometimes, third parties known as matchmakers were also engaged for hunting down a “suitable match,” be it a bride or a groom.

Some factors that went into making a suitable match were caste, creed, educational qualification, social status, financial standing, prospects of career, religious ethnicity, etc., Arranged marriage was also not considered as alliance between two individuals but as an alliance between two families.

When you visit the Agarwal Matrimony, the first thing you notice is how user-friendly it is. As a result, whether it is youngsters or the elderly in the family, anyone can access this website easily. Moreover, the website has special features that have kept in mind the traditional mindset of many of its users. Features like privacy options help keep the identity of both the girl and the boy limited to only genuinely interested parties, and are not revealed to the random public, which makes many families comfortable using it.

Other features which are attractive to the users, are photo protection features, which do not allow anyone to copy or download the pictures; verified phone numbers, so that you know that the person you’re talking to is a genuine person; and intelligent contact filters, which help both the bride and the groom zero in on the kind of people they are looking for, very easily. Other friendly features include match alerts that are sent by the website to a registered member as prospective grooms or brides through their personal email and other such messaging services.

Most of that we have a column called ‘Success stories’ which are stories of those people who have found their successful matches through our website. This column encourages those looking for partners, and tells them that finding their right partner is just a click away and it makes them confident that they would also find someone suited to their tastes.

In traditional society as well as some parts of contemporary society, love is cited to be the weakest basis for marriage, and love marriages were thought to be a challenge to the hierarchy of caste, consideration of class, creed, and a form of disrespect to society and class. However, increasingly, the youth of India as well as other emerging nations have shown a shift towards love marriages. Matrimonial websites have contributed a lot towards working towards the modern hybridized concept of ‘arranged love marriage,’ which provides an optimum blend of arranged marriage as well as love marriage. 

Most of the required information is collected during the registration process. Generally, questions like “who are you creating the profile for i.e. self, son, brother, sister, daughter, relative, friend, etc.,” is asked and the answer to this question is often compulsory.

Surprisingly, we also provide marriage counseling services and helping out couples with advice regarding how to deal with their marriages and how to make them work. So what are you waiting for? Go get that profile started to get one step closer to finding your perfect match on a Happy hunting!



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