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Posted on Oct 22, 2015 by Brotsky

We all know that how Internet is profluent with Websites and its related sources, as with increasing rate of website over Internet, people are more indulge to move towards website development. Forum Posting says “Maximum people don't ask for real question that I have this query in this program, but they do ask, How do I learn Website development or Which Book or video should I refer to learn website development or any development in IT”.


As with growing industry of website development, developers are trying more and more easy way for people to make their own website and don't hire any professional to work around. Developers had made a system; professionally we call them CMS – Content Management System. CMS is very comfortable and reliable system for non-developers to make their own website in CMS. It is the platform to create website with less code and minimal use of programming languages, all you have to do is customize and personalize your theme and content that suited from a large listing of available themes.


A Content Management System (CMS) is a computer application that permits publishing, editing and modifying content, sorting out, erasing and         maintenance from central interface. Such frameworks of content management give strategies to oversee work flow in a collaborative environment. These methodologies can be manual steps or it can be done via automated course.


CMSs are regularly used to run websites containing blogs, news, and shopping. Numerous corporate and promoting sites use CMSs. CMSs normally intend to maintain a strategic distance from the requirement of handy coding however may help it for particular components or an entire page.



The best Content Management from where you can start your website development:


1)      Wordpress

2)      Drupal

3)      Joomla

4)      Frog

5)      Magento


These are some of the best content management system, with WordPress on the top of every CMS; WordPress is the leading CMS by covering almost 70% of website development over Internet. WordPress is the best CMS for beginners, who really dont know about website development. They can easily learn from this platform.


WordPress is really a nice platform for developers too, if they are pretty known to PHP and MySQL, they can make beautiful and nice website for any category. WordPress is beneficial for both developers and non developers as it have not much of coding part, you just have to put the controls on the right place – Thats it and you got your result in the form of Website or Blog.


It is not meant only for website purpose, it is also used by bloggers and actually WordPress is build for blogging purpose only, but with engaging technology and third party tools, WordPress is now ruling over website development.


WordPress comes in two forms:



2) is the free version, where you can make your website or blog on WordPress free hosting service, but this version will not providing you all the facility like you cant use plug-in, internal code and third party themes or tools, but still it is a good chance for non developers to practice on is web software to create website, blog, commercial site or any app. You have to download this software and install it on your PC and have to work around using code and customization with PHP, HTML and MySQL. It is somehow bit messy for non-developers, but once you get to use with it, you can create nice and good website.



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