Obesity : Major health problem on world

Posted on Oct 26, 2015 by Mark


With the increasing rate of population, the needs are also increased, people are more concern towards their future and not taking care of their present. We all are hearing a lot of problems regrading health and fitness, Nearly 30 percent of global population are dying because of health problems. Today's major problem of health is - “OBESITY”.



Obesity means having to much of fat body, it means that your body get swallow, due to extra fat, that also increased your health related problems. Obesity is a medicinal condition in which abundance body fat gets accumulated to the degree that it may have a negative impact on health, prompting lessened future and expanded wellbeing issues. Obesity is not similar to that of overweight. Overweight is slight different from obesity, it concern towards weight that exceeds to the normal weight according to the age.


According to the recent survey obesity is responsible to nearly 6 lacks of cancer cases worldwide, obesity cancer includes colon, rectum, ovary and womb cancers. Survey also says that women are at greater risk towards obesity in compare to that of men.



This is the time that people have to think about the diet they include, the developed countries are the vary responsible for the food that they produce are eaten by our vast population. These food are the sticky food that stick to your diet, and you take on regular basis, and when you do that on regular basis you get your result in terms of Obesity.



These are the things that feed Obesity:



  • Overuse of antibiotics in food production and medicine

  • Growth of enhanced drugs in food animals

  • Disrupting chemicals, that also includes pesticides

  • Artificial sweeteners

  • Harmful Junk Food


Obesity also increase the chances of other diseases such as heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer, osteoarthirities, sleep apnea and many other acute diseases. Obesity caused due to excessive use of junk foods, lack of physical exercise, genetic problems, sometimes the cases are different like it also caused by endocrine diseases, genes, psychiatric sickness.



Difficulties due to obesity includes:

  • Breathing problems

  • Can't bend your body properly

  • Heart Diseases

  • Premature death is more likely

  • Back Pain

  • Kidney stones

  • Most common – depression

  • Diabetes

  • Knee and hip replacements

  • Excreta is more difficult


As from health care professionals women with 30% and men with 25% body fat are obese, generally professional use “BOD MASS INDEX” to measure obesity. It is the tools that is used to test overweight and obesity and check changes in body weight. It is calculated by partitioning a man's weight in pounds by height in inches squared.

It says that underweight have BMI Score of – Below 18.5, Healthy weight have 18.5-24.9, Overweight have 25-29.9 and obese have 30 and above. To make your score as health weight you have to maintain your diet.

To get health again you should follow these tips :

  • Establish a target to loose your weight.

  • Include healthy diet in your regular diet.

  • Don't eat unnecessary, eat when you are really hungry

  • Avoid artificial sweeteners

  • Drink maximum amount of water, and avoid cokes.

  • Get ready for physical exercise and aerobic activities

  • Surgery for obesity

  • Avoid Junk Food and oily foods.



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