Yamunotri Temple - CharDham Yatra

Posted on Mar 06, 2014 by Amit

Yamunotri is the first out of the four religious places.Yanunotri is situated at the Top-West side of the Himalaya. It is also knows by the name of Suryapurti.Few kilometers away from Yamuunotri Kalindi Parvat can be found .It is situated at the top most of the himalaya , which also makes in an unreachable spot. Yamuna originates from here in a form of small lake. This place is considered to be the origin of Yamuna. At this place yamuna can be seen in its origination form i.e initial stage .The nature of the water here is pure , and snowy white.

Yamunotri Temple

Yanunotri Temple was build by the King of Tihri ,Maharaja Pratapshah .The temple is built from black marble. Temple’s valve are opened once during Akshaya Tritya and is closed at Yam Duitiya during the Kartik Month.

During winters, this valve is closed because of snow and travelling is not allowed. During the 6months of extreme winter season , the pundits of kharsali , with proper ceremonies take Ma Yamunotri their native place and worships her there . In this temple Yamuna and Ganga both the goddess are worshipped gracefully.

Yamunotri Shape

The courtyard of Yanunotri Temple consists of a very huge and beautiful Sheela Pillar, also known as DivyaSheela. Though ,Yamunotri Temple is situated at a great height , still it is always crowded with worshippers , and devotees all the time.

The real form of Yamunotri is like a frozen lake. It is situated at Kalindi Parvat , 4421 above sea-level.It is impossible to reach this place , as the path is unpassable. This is the reason that the temple of Yamunotri is located at the bottom of the mountain. Yamunaji’s water is very pure , fresh and sacred, and seeing this purity devotees feels immeasurable devotion and faith towards Ma Yamuna.

Yamunotri Mthological Reference

Vedas, Upanishads and many Ancient Scriptures have a detailed description on Yanunotri. In Puranas it is said that when due to old age Rishi Asit could not go to Rishi Kind for worshipping and taking a dip in Yamuna River , considering his ultimate devotion Ma Yamuna herself flowed into his Hut , This very place is known as Yamunotri. It is also known as Kalindi , as it originates from Kalindi Parvat.

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