Wild Animals in Kanha National Park

Posted on Mar 06, 2014 by Amit

Kanha National Park, the greatest of India’s Tiger Reserves, encompasses some 940 square kilometers of deciduous sal forest, lightly wooded grassland, hills and gently meandering rivers –home to literally hundgreens of species of birds and animals including Tigers.

Kanha is truly the land of tiger. It has been proved since years as it has largest number of tigers compare to any other national park in and India and above all it is declared as the best managed national park to protect not only tigers but also other wildlife animals and the life of villagers living inside and around the national park.  Kanha Tiger Reserve is perhaps the primer venue in the world today in which to view free-living tigers.

In many other protected areas of the subcontinent, the chances for sighting a wild tiger are reasonably good: for example, Bandhavgarh, Corbett and Ranthambhore in India , as well as Royal Chitwan in Nepal However, Kanha has been rated as the top tiger park in India -and indeed in the whole of Asia.

The local people of Kanha have the major hand in making this national park a world famous ecosystem for the wild animals. The park has various different species including "twelve horned” barasingha, hiran, jackal ,an ubiquitous chital, black-faced langur, monkeys, guar (India’s tallest wild buffalo) You can also catch sight of spiky- horned Nilgai, as well as porcupines, pythons, sloth bears, wild boar, mouse deer or the magnificent sambar.

Kanha also supports an exotic and colorful array of birds, including Indian rollers, bee-eaters, golden orioles, paradise flycatchers, egrets, some outlandish hornbills, numerous kingfishers and birds of prey. There are other national parks in India with more awesome scenery viz- Ranthambhore, Corbett etc.  However, there is no better place in India and perhaps in the whole world to see the tiger than in Kanha.

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