Kejriwal Nautanki is still on - Gujarat Visit

Posted on Mar 08, 2014 by Amit

Kejriwal Nautanki is on again in Gujarat let me give you few facts on his nautanki.

Let me show you slum of New york 2014 recent image. You can see above image of New York Slum and as per Nautanki person (Arvind) This slum show or proves that There is no Development in New York. Mr. Obama has done nothing to his Country and City. As per Arvind he is biggest fraud of World and he also support Microsoft company and Obama is in pocket of Mr. Bill Gates. This is what Arvind thinks. He dont have any view point he just creates buzz and want to come into media to take max footage.


You must be surprised why i am writing this thing am i Kariyakarta of BJP. No i am a common man of Gujarat the most developed state in india. I have seen progress in Gujarat and its really working fine. Mr. Modi had really made things worked. Dont blame person who is working and make things in good way. Arvind Twitted 2 days back by showing a slum area you will find slum area in most developed City or Country also. That dont mean that State or City has not done any progress. I am in Gujarat and i have seen progress and development of individual person. I request people of india to ignore this person Arvind (Nautanki).


One more reason why Modi. When he was CM of Gujarat he always think and talk about Gujarat and gujrat people. When he got selected for PM he always say about India and Indian people that is what a True indian is. He/She (True Indian) should always think of India first then other part. He is a real hero who can change things make india on top. Give him chance for 5 years if he dont prove we can change. We gave chance to Congress for 50 years now we should give some one else to prove them self.

One more nautanki of Arvind He says that he was not allowed to meet Mr. Modi and Modi dont give him time. I would say that modi did correct thing. Why should he meet Arvind who is Nautanki and wasting time of Media and India. He just wanted to create a Buzz to come in media so he started doing this things that modi is not allowing him to meet.


I would request to people of india to make arvind out totally. He is biggest threat for india. If he come to power he can spoil whole india with his International Agents who are funding this person.


I Request Vote and Vote for India and one india.


Jai Hind



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