Who is Best PM Candidate 2014 Lok Sahbha India ?

Posted on Mar 14, 2014 by Amit

I have been watching news channels, newspaper, Public talk etc. I had seen 3 candidate people are talking about for next PM of India. Narendra Modi, Rahul Ghandhi, Arvind Kerjriwal are among most talked.

I am a strong supporter of removing Corruption that is one of the biggest points in India along with other big points. Let’s take arvind kejriwal as a candidate. What arvind pretend to public about removing Corruption don’t seem realistic. As he himself has given multiple statements on same topic. He is not sure himself what to tell as he just has one target in his mind set to come to power. So his point to Indian public is fooling people by giving them wrong commitment. He also seems to support lot of anti India activity Let me list you few of those. Like supporting Terrorist, Kashmir to be given to Pakistan, Lok Sahbha ticket given to Terrorist supporter. He wanted to take Muslim votes and also make Hindu middle class fool with giving promise of removing corruption and give daily living things with low cost. Which don’t seem to be practical. He really don’t wanted to do that he just wanted to fool people.

We (India) have potential to come up on our own if we have good management. We have lots of resources and team India (East, West, North and South) It makes a big team which can lead us to new heights.

Arvind seem to me as Threat to India and he can break India. Its going to be high risk if we vote for Arvind. Please think 10000 times before giving vote to Arvind (AAP). One thing i can prove here is he left Delhi CM post. He got opportunity to prove India that we can do things. But he ran away with that. Why he ran away It’s a big question. If he would have proved himself in Delhi people of India would have voted him with their heart and things could have changed. But he really don’t want to do things that’s why he ran away. Very less people get such chance where they can change things and a smart person takes that opportunity. But this guy wasted Delhi People vote now Delhi people them self don’t want to be elected in any stage. It will be proved in next election i bet on it.


So A Big no to Arvind Kerjriwal.


Candidate 2 - Rahul Gandhi


Congress we have seen their work in last 10 years and it proves itself that this party is no good. Regarding Rahul Gandhi he just entered politics he himself is not confident what he is saying. He never gave his vision of India for next 5 years. Congress party is no good we need change.


So A Big No to Mr. Rahul Gandhi also


Candidate 3 - Mr. Narendra Modi


Well here comes the most popular and dynamic person i have seen in last 5 years. He is full of confidence and full of energy. He talks about one India one home. This is what Indian culture is We still leave in Joint Family so India is a family and we all Indians are members of family. He has shown great vision he is correct on saying that India has potential to dominate World market and international politics.

What is international politics lets me give some points. In International politics each country keeps eye on each other and try to make them or bring them or stop them in growing if they see potential in that country. They play and bring people to change things like (Arvind Kerjriwal). This is international politics. Its same way like national politics. Its a hard subject for people to understand how far this can go. You can take example of supporting Pakistan by USA and China. Why they are supporting because they saw India as biggest threat if we grow.


This is what Modi understand as per me and i think Indian people also agree. He has vision he knows how to use resources. He act as a leader. He works for India and for the people of India. This is big thing i see in him.


We have given chance to Congress for 10 years. I would say let’s give chance to Mr. Narendra Modi for next 5 years. If he don’t prove we can bring him down and go with other option. Until we don’t try we won’t get result. This man has guts to work in each area and he can surely resolve issue of Kashmir also which is biggest issue since last 50 years in India.


So a Big Yes for Mr Narendra Modi Give chance to this Lion if he don’t prove bring him down to earth.


Jai Hind




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