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Posted on Nov 16, 2015 by Mark

Beauty is the most important part of any girl, it is something that everyone wishes to have, but to get that inner glow you must take care of your skin. It is not as easy nowadays to keep up with regular taking care of your skin and beauty, people are getting more occupied with there work and getting more busier in their life. Other than, the hectic schedule, the food is an another factor from which you are getting weaker and lost your inner glow, eventually the beauty.



It feels good when someone said “You are looking beautiful” rather than the word “terrible” it really harsh your ears when you listen it from others. As per best definition - “Beauty is the quality of being pleased, especially while looking at something or someone.” To get more profound beauty nowadays people are using varieties of beauty products, that can give a temporary beauty, but surely it reflects a heavy audience towards you.



Modern approach of getting prettier is - “Beauty Parlors and Saloon” these are the girl's best partners for lifetime, they are providing the better methods and have better experts that can soothes your body with enlighten beauty, but to waste a lot of money in those parlors is not an effective way to getting prettier, so here are some homemade beauty tips that can save a lot of money and time.




Homemade Beauty Tips :



1) Tea Water and Honey Face Pack:


Mix Tea water, 2 spoons of rice and a spoon of honey, make a paste of it and apply that mask on your face, leave it for a while until it gets dry, then remove mask by washing it with cold water, you will see you skin get glower and shiner.


2) Scrub lemon on your face on a daily basis, it will enlighten your skin tone. It will blemishes your face as Lemon is an excellent bleaching agent.


3) Make a paste of plain curd and apply it on your face, experts said that curd is a good source of Zinc and lactic acid, it will smoother and soften your skin.


4) Paste of tomato and lemon juice will also good in making fairer skin.


5) Potato Paste – Take one or two potato, grates it, squeeze the water, add one egg and curd, mix it very well and apply that paste on your hair, leave it for 30 minutes, wash it with warm water and normal shampoo, it will give smoother hair.


6) Aloe-vera : This is a medicinal plant, and it is having a lot of benefits for your skin, health and hair. Make a Aloe-vera paste by boiling Aloe-vera leaf with 2 spoons of honey, apply it on your skin and leave it for 30 minutes, wash it with cold water, you will get oil free and smoother skin.





7) Use Almond oil and olive to remove the dirt and improve the skin color, this is the best home remedies for dry skin.





These points are betterment of your skin, but still you have to maintain your beauty by controlling your nutsy diet, eat healthy and green vegetables to improve your skin tone, exercise daily to make a healthy life, take fruit juice as it will purify your blood and lighten your skin.



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