How to Generate more traffic using 5 SEO Techniques

Posted on Nov 18, 2015 by Citadel


The ultimate source of getting leads in IT market is to create a website, which is surely be an user perspective, that can help user to serialize their problem. A more distinct way to improve your online business is to create mobile application, both website and mobile application will give better leads in your business.


Is that enough in promoting your business?


The more deepen way to improve your business is to give a shot in SEO – a digital marketing strategy. SEO is real charm that not only give you more leads but it will open a fresh path to your business. If you are dealing with HTML and CSS to create your website, for a better website development, but this will not give you enough leads in the sector, you need a push that can lead your website and it is SEO – Search Engine Optimization only.



For improving your brand, you have to create an attractive website design, than it comes to the modules or functions of the website, when your website gets complete its assembling stage, it is the time to host your website to its real owner - “Google”. Now what ? Is your website get more users? , is your website gets indexed by google?, Can anyone find your website ? These are the questions that comes to your mind – but its answers are roaming around here and there, you have to embed its answer by applying SEO strategy to your website.

Now what the hell is this SEO ?



SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy to uplift your website in various search engine, it is the process where by applying different SEO strategy, website gets indexed or crawled by various search engines, and eventually give you maximum traffic and leads.




What are the steps that can help in generating more leads :



1) Social Media : Social Media is the best companion of SEO, whenever you post something in your website, share it with Social media – FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Reddit, Google+. Try unique (#) Hashtag when you are sharing something. Promote your website or business by posting better advertisements. Use of Media is really very effective in Social media, peoples gets bored by long textual, use images and videos, it will give you better hike.



2) Article Writing and Posting : This is the really very very trending nowadays, Google always welcomes fresh content. Write article but consider your audience, whom you want write for ? And about what topic [it should wonderful, use media – Remember, people gets bored]. Use google to know the format of article writing, write article on trending topics, and post it on free article submission sites, remember to post it on right category otherwise it will give a bad impression.



3) YouTube Channel : Are you with YouTube ?? Seems you are ! YouTube is the really getting very very trendy nowadays, by sharing different videos on YouTube, you can promote your business to large audience.

Better Profile : By putting good profile on social media, submission sites and in link submission you can improve your site index. Put nice profile pic, company logo, put every minute details, website and youtube links in your account.


5) Blog Writing : Blogs are getting more and more inclined, you should use this strategy, there are lots of blogs and bloggers which are sharing their life experiences, innovative things, tips and tricks, and how-to blogs on Google. Write blog everyday, it will not take much time, chose best topic and hit your keyboard, include some good links in your blogs, you also can include reference links at the bottom for user to get more news on the topic.



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