Tissot Chronograph PRS 200 T067.417.11.051.00 Mens Watch

Posted on Nov 19, 2015 by Jasson

Tissot Chronograph Mens WatchAn absolute Adonis with a heart of gold, well, that very much sounds like a fairytale. But the Tissot Chronograph PRS 200 T067.417.11.051.00 Mens Watch is very much a thing that belongs to the real world, sharing similar traits. It’s good to look at, strong and too good from within. Affordable elegance that attracts a lot of pleasurable attention, it is a reliable, high-tech watch with looks that plain thrill.

Its handsomeness comes not only from its sophisticated, classy and sporty exterior but also from the precision and robustness of its Quartz, Caliber G10.211 Movement.

It keeps the watch trouble-free even under extreme conditions and you dare to wear it under such conditions due to the quartz movement. With a mechanical automatic inside, you would always remain in fear of damaging it. Even at 600 feet under the sea, it inspires you to push forward.

That’s because it is essentially a Mens Tissot Watch with SCUBA-friendly features, in the form of a high-end fashion accessory. The first one to come under notice is its screw-down crown and a unidirectional bezel with deep, machined grooves on its edge. This imparts the watch a very masculine look while the locking-clasp with the wetsuit-extender can fit over a 6 mm wetsuit when flipped out. The bright luminous markings stay bright throughout the night, which is a pro’s dream come true. The chronograph with a tachymeter ruler makes the PRS 200 good for the tracks as well; down in the water, it helps you to track the dive time while on it, you can use it for high-intensity water sports like yacht racing. But it is dressier than other Tissot Watches Online, which makes it an apt match for sharp, expensive clothing. The hardened sapphire glass contributes generously to the fact; it ensures the PRS-200 will be as good as new even after years of use and abuse and will retain a clear, readable face.

The Online Tissot Watches boasts of a high level of polish, be it the chromed bezel or the band. This alone is sufficient to turn it into a head-turner and make it appear a couple thousand dollars costlier. Most who went for it found it perfect for the nights in the town, but once you take it out on an adventure, you come to know of its real side. No environment seems to be harsh enough for this piece.

On the technical side, the G10.211 Quartz movement (with jewels) is equally tough and reliable, with a precision that stays unaltered irrespective of temperature. Accurate to the core, once you set the time, you do not need to do it again. Till the next battery change, that is. Simple is always beautiful and it outruns wonderful complications many of the times.

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