Why HTML5 and CSS3 is effective in Website Development

Posted on Nov 19, 2015 by Brotsky

HTML and CSS is the major mate of website development, it not only develop website , but it gives effective result. With the growth of Internet users, website industry is growing its roots to develop extended features and spread out its wings to helps users.



HTML and CSS are web development language that is used to create beautiful and reliable website, both language are very friendly for web developer, it can easily be embed into the editor. All website are totally made by these two languages, without these two it is very impossible to create any website. Due to its high demanding in website development, it is extended its features to a newer level and newer version – the newer version are HTML 5 and CSS 3.

HTML5 and CSS3 comes up with latest features and it will help many developers to write easy code rather than to write messy codes that sometimes create a lot of problems while developing. Programming with these two languages will give better user interfaces and appealing websites.




Talking about the previous version of HTML and CSS that are not very extended in terms of creating better website. HTML is standard markup language uses to create web pages along with CSS and JavaScript. HTML is having html elements enclosed with tags that is used in creating web pages, browsers do not display HTML tags or the elements, but use them to read the content of pages. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is also a mark up languages, but it is used in designing the web pages.




There are lots of benefits of HTML5 and CSS3 in Website Development:




1) Openness : With newer version, html5 gives you new html elements like [<header>, <footer>,<nav>,<aside> and many others], by which you don't have to rely on any other languages.



2) Video and Audio : To include video or audio in your website, was really messy when html was there, but with trendy html5 you really can include video and audio [<video>, <audio>] without getting stricken by other language.


3) Doctype ! That's Right : Now don't have to write those lengthy and messy code of meta above the <html>, just include this new feature of doctype [<!DOCTYPE html>] and browsers get eventually interpret that this is HTML5 code.



4) HTML Drag and Drop : You heard it right, with this new features you can easily drag and drop the control of html elements in the editor. You can drag the control in between the [<canvas></canvas>] tags similar to that of Flash platforms.



5) HTML5 supports Game Development : HTML 5 is now entered into the gamin world, where you can create interactive games by writing code in between [<canvas></canvas]. This is pretty much innovative, to create games in HTML5. If you are known to flash, you can easily grab the tail of hmlt5.




6) CSS3 Animation : Animation is now easy using CSS3, with the help of “transition” tag you can easily revolve your CSS objects. Give it a shot by triggering the new CSS3 Animation Features.



7) Webfonts : There is a time when we are not able to include our favorite fonts in the web page, but by using CSS3 webfonts we can include our fonts and can allured our websites.




8) BetterCSS3 Media Queries : How about some good and better media features, now it is unlimited to alter the dimensions, you can get very effective web design using CSS3 new media queries.

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