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From last couple of years development in website development is increasing in a very high rate, developers are getting bundles of website everyday to create, at this rate, surely be in upcoming years every person have its own website running over the Internet. At this boom of Web Development in recent years, had give a better chance to developers to think and create their own idealogical website.


With the latest and modern technology it is more easy for developers to create any website, modern technology had really make it more easy by giving so much in development field, this is more incredible when we get something more relevant and easy to make any website. To develop any website it needs a series of code, html tags and more important a better design - a very long process, Indeed it ism, but theres is a simple way too, to make beautiful and alluring website - Like what we are talking about ? Have you heard about : Trending WordPress, We are talking about the same.





WordPress is categorized under CMS – Content Management System, CMS is a branch of web development, in which no harsh code and semantic design is necessary, it gives you all the functionalities to create any website, without worried about the messy code. There are other sibling too that is similar to that of WordPress such as Joomla, Frog, Drupal, Magneto and many more.

Talking about WordPress, it is more fascinating and trendy CMS that is rule over website development field, it is used by large audiences to create website, it gives many easy functionality than that of other platforms. You just have to re-arrange the features and here you go to host your first website. It gives you tons of free and paid theme that is really different and tempting from other HTML templates.



It also gives your own HTML design that you can embed in Wordpress, if you are not professional developer than you can take help from the Internet, there are several tutorials on the Internet, by which you can do this. Wordpress is also have third party plugins, by which you can install and add that functionality in your website without writing any code – Incredible uh !.




In Basic HTML website, you have to write a lot of code to make one module, and it really takes a lot of sweat in creating it, but by using Wordpress as a platform it takes no time, how wonderful it is, it saves a lot of time.




Some of Wordpress Functionalities :



  1. You can use WordPress as free of cost.

  2. Top sites are used by WordPress – Like – Forbes, CNN, and Sony.

  3. Availability of 2000+ free themes.

  4. Availability of 27000+ free plug-in.

  5. One Click Installation.

  6. Manual Installation time takes – 5 minutes.

  7. Ease of Moderation.

  8. Best used for blogs, corporate websites, small sized websites.

  9. Level of skills needed – moderate.

  10. No HTML Editing or FTP Software Required.

  11. No Worry of SEO.

  12. You can create multiple site in one site.

  13. Inbuilt Blog – Go ahead to create your one.



These are some of its best, but there are lot many advantages too, You can create your own self hosted website by going to Wordpress official site, there are free and self hosted version of websites, if you are a new comer you should go ahead with free version.


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