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Posted on Nov 25, 2015 by Pasa

With the wide range of games and game application, game development is at the second place after website development in the IT sector. It was concluded in a report that, in 2015 there are cumulatively more game players than the previous year, they are just not playing it, sometimes, they urge to develop it, they suggest the game developer by sending feedback- “You can also use this functionality” or “You can develop this game by using this or that technology”, they are not just a player, but they are playing a very good role in game development, from such user only, developer can upgrade and uproot its game.


It was also concluded, that with the recent application development, game application development is engrossed and developed its root in the market slowly and gradually. The upcoming years will be the “gaming era” for Android and iPhone users, as you can see the play store and app store both are gaggled by trending game, it will surely be a – “Gaming Era”.

So are you wonder how these games are build? Let’s get into the Game Development Phases.



Game Development – its start with its team, unfortunately the game development team, depends upon the game, if the game is an android game, then – 2-4 members are enough to build the tempting game, if the game related to a larger audience, like a PC game, then it needs a huge team that can gargle its seed deepen with latest and modern technology. Game Development team is having 4 members and its sub –ordinates, those 4 members are:

  1. Programmers

  2. Designers

  3. Artist

  4. Sound/Music Chap

Now these are the overviewed guys, along with them, there are lot many others who work side by side in configuring the game. Come back to game development phases, let’s talk more about it.

To build any game, the game has to gone through a series of process, similar to that of website development phases.


1) Concept: The first part of the development phase is its -“Concept”. This phase is really very crucial for game developer, where they have to think a lot about the game and its real audience. The concept needs all the things taking from its requirement gathering to its pre and post production.



2) Prototype: This is the second phase of game development, where the real fun begins, where ideas and game features are built.




3) Game DesignDoc: A Game document is been created for the programmers to get good grip in understanding and developing the game and its modules.



4) Design: The fourth phase comprises of “Game Design”, this phase is the most important phase, where you can attract more audience by giving the most attractive piece of game. A good graphic is all a player need. Here designers open their mind and fill all its creativity in to the game.




5) Programming: When the game design gets approved by some beta users, the real game development starts, where programmers came into existence to build and embed the real time character into the game. It needs a developmental skills, developer have to work very hard on their IDE’s and have to write blotchy codes to run the game. This phase includes Level, Art and Audio production too.




6) Testing: After going through a series of experiment, the fully developed game came to testers, where they play many times onto multiple devices, they check that the game is fully loaded with functions or not .

Game Development is a growing field, even you also can load your own game by writing some clustered code, and with the recent upgrades in HTML5 it seems easier to build a game. So try it and host your game over the Internet.


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