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Posted on Dec 08, 2015 by servicedandvirtual

Business owners in London often face a lot of challenges during the first few years of business, which can often easily be solved with a simple solution, which is the serviced office London. A serviced offices London provides businesses with everything they need to get started and functioning fully without burning a hole in the pocket. This enables new businesses to work in the world’s important economic hubs, work with both local and global clients, and make a good profit without breaking the bank. 

The challenges of setting up business in London

London being an expensive city, rentals are always high. The contracts that are on offer for rental spaces often run into 3 to 5 years for a fixed term. This means that businesses are locked into a long term contract from which they can only extricate themselves at great financial loss, in case they have to change the location for any number of reasons. With the costs of setting up a business itself being so high, this means that a major chunk of business funds has to go into the rental lease for the office space. This will leave very little for the remaining expenses of starting a business, which are setting up the telecommunications, marketing, furniture, furnishings, electrical wiring, etc.
The benefits of using a serviced office in London

  • A serviced office often comes with lease agreements that are short term. This is often on a rolling basis, so businesses only need to pay the rent at the end of each month. While the rentals are higher for serviced offices because the contract lengths are short, they also include a whole host of other facilities that are not included in other office spaces, for which businesses owners do not have to pay extra.

  • These facilities could include equipment and even personnel without the hassles of any extra overheads or contracts.

  • Maintenance of the office space is a standard feature of serviced offices, which means there is no need to hire a cleaner or janitor separately.

  • Serviced offices are available to use immediately, which means there is waste of time in starting an office as and when required.

  • With serviced offices, businesses can change locations if the present one is not working for any number of reasons. Since they are not tied down to any long-term contract, it is easy to move to a more lucrative location as when the situation demands it.

  • Serviced offices offer pay-as-you-use facilities, such as conference rooms, equipment, and also staff, so there is no need to invest money in buying all this when it can easily be leased out on a short-term basis.

  • Serviced offices are available in a wide variety of locations across London, which gives business owners greater flexibility and freedom of choice when it comes to choosing the location of their office.

A serviced office offers far greater savings in time, money, and resources, which can be further invested in growing the business and promoting it, leading to far greater success.
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