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Posted on Dec 14, 2015 by Brotsky

To carve a beautiful website, needs a lot of things bonded and rooted together so that it makes a quality website that not only looks like a website but also helps users in solving their problem such as – “Management Website”. Such websites are huge and needs a lot of research and data to put up in the perfect place. There are categories of websites hosted over the Internet such as – E Commercial, Social Networking, Company Website, Blogging Website, Service Provider  website, Management Website and many other, each and every website needs its own research to making it useful over the audience.

Talking more about the development phases of any website, there are five phases from which a website passes and each phase the website grows and create his place in overwhelming traffic of website over the World Wide Web. If you had started making any website, then you should consider these five phases in your Web development process.

Five Phases of Website Development:

1)      Requirement Gathering: The first phase is quite static and focused on your research, the topic covers what website you need to make? Once it got the better name to your website like – Resource Management System, it proceeds with real research where you have to extract the data from the people or the system that they are facing, you have to specify your website goal, the target audience, content. You have to make a document or a report; technically we call it – System Requirement Specification Report (SRS) that describes every detail about the website, the real problem of user, technology that will use in making website and many other details.


2)      Design: The second phase is web design, where real designers come and carve the website with alluring colors and effects with CSS, HTML and JavaScript. It works according to the SRS. As People are more dependable on portable gadgets, so designers are also keen to make website that can compatible on every portable device – responsive design.



3)      Development: After the design gets approved, the real work came where developers import some functional character into the website like database, modules, better controls and navigation with the help of any web development language so that the real user can use it.


4)      Testing and Delivery: This stage came in existence, once overall development of a website gets over, the website is passes to the testers, where they test it by certain techniques like – Black box and unit testing. They check everything taking from modules to the browser compatibility, if they found any bug or error it comes back to the development process until it is not fixed. After fixing, the site gets handed over to the real audience to use.


5)      Maintenance: The development of any website is never gonna over; it happens many times that after using the website, it came back to the development process for some or large upgrades, So be ready developers this is not yet over, sharpen your skills – the website is coming to upgrade.



If you also consider these stages in development process, you will not fail in web development for sure; otherwise without planning you can grab under the looping hole and it’s incredibly infinite. So use it and get some good feedback from the audience.



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